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Fighting Yank


Alias: Bruce Carter III
Occupation:  Engineer, Adventurer
Group Affiliation:  None
Base of Operations:  New York
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 215 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance:  Startling Comics #10 (Nedor, September, 1941)

Known Creators:  Richard E. Hughes & Jon L. Blummer


Bruce Carter III is the great-great grandson and physical look-alike of Bruce Carter I, a heroic patriot, who served as a personal courier to George Washington during the American Revolution.  When the first Bruce Carter was gunned down while attempting to deliver a message, his spirit was cursed by his failure to complete his mission. The blood that spattered his cloak, left the cloak as a focal point for the patriot's restless spirit.  Many years later, when Bruce Carter III fell asleep pouring over volumes of history books, the spirit of his cursed ancestor came to him in his dream and led him to the haunted cloak.  Through the cloak, the original Bruce Carter could give his descendant the power to protect the United States, accomplishing the task that he had failed to do in his own life.  Bruce Carter III, floundering to find his own way to serve his country in an important way, accepted the challenge to use his new power to become The Fighting Yank!


Continuing the Story:   
Assuming Bruce was 25-35 years old during the war, he probably would have needed to retire by the late 50's-60's (and probably sooner considering that he was a married man).  However, there's no reason to doubt that his ancestors wouldn't have continued to use the cloak for generations to come.  Perhaps his grandson, Bruce Carter IV would continue the fight today.


Bruce's story is fairly timeless and not in need of much revision.


Equipment and Abilities:  
The Fighting Yank possessed an enchanted cloak, which was once owned by his ancestor, Bruce Carter.  When worn by the Fighting Yank, the cloak granted increased strength and resistance to injury. With the cloak, Yank was strong enough to rip trees and light posts out of the ground, punch his fist through steel and leap at least 100 feet in the air. He was tough enough to survive being run over by a car without serious injury.  He was not impervious to bombs, or blows to the head, but the cloak itself did appear to be nearly indestructible, and could be draped around his body as a shield.  In addition to granting enhanced physical attributes, the cloak was a focal point for the ghost of Yank's ancestor. The ghost was capable of physically manipulating the cloak, usually to return it to the Yank if he was separated from it. The ghost acted as an agent of destiny, and could sometimes protect Bruce when he was left for dead or fly him to a location where he was needed. The ghost also provided Yank with information and could make itself visible to whomever it wished.

Even without the cloak, Bruce was a tough brawler and a talented engineer who designed weapons for the US military. His car was bulletproof, except for the tires.


Bruce Carter
A heroic patriot, who served as a personal courier to George Washington during the American Revolution.  He was killed while trying to deliver an important message.  His ghost is drawn to the enchanted cloak, and he frequently helps The Fighting Yank when he is on the verge of death.
First Appearance: Startling Comics #10
Joan Farwell
Joan was an extremely patriotic woman who worked for the U.S.O. during the war. She became engaged to Carter before he became the Fighting Yank, and she was not fooled by his mask. However, she was very supportive of Carter's decision to become a man of action, and she often joined him on his adventures.  Unfortunately, Joan may hold the record for the number of times being kidnapped and tied to a chair in a villain's lair. While she was brave and very resourceful, Joan was frequently in need of saving.
First Appearance:
Startling Comics #10
Professor Prescott
Prescott was Bruce's partner in designing the Z-99 Tank for the U.S. Military.
First Appearance:
Startling Comics #34
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