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Your guide to fictional locations in stories that are believed to be in the public domain in the United States and in many other countries around the globe.  This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of locations, and some were intentionally omitted, because they were not particularly useful.  These entries provide a basic description to act as a starting point for creators.  If you want more information on a particular location, more detailed descriptions and the original source material is usually easy to find with an Internet search.  Reading the original source material is the best way to familiarize yourself with the setting.




The United States
Arkham, Massachusetts - A small town located in Essex County, home of Miskatonic University. [H.P. Lovecraft]
Atom City, Colorado - A city near the Rocky Mountains, that is home to a huge atomic laboratory. In the future, it is an interplanetary spaceport with towering buildings. [Captain Flash #1; Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]
Boystate - An experimental high-tech city, intended as a home for America's "unwanted boys." [Target Comics #1]
Burnet, Ohio - A small town near Lake Erie. [Sarah Chauncey Woolsey]
Catawba - A state based on North Carloina [Thomas Wolfe]
-Altamont - A city based on Asheville, NC.
Centro, Washington - A small city, near Tacoma and Smokey Mountain (an active volcano). [Blue Bolt #1]
Drexara - A vast desert on the east coast, inahbited by the fierce nomadic cannibal tribe known as the Routintons. [Le Philosophe Anglois by Antoine François Prévost]
Dunwich, Massachusetts - Small, lonely town located in the Miskatonic River Valley in north central Massachusetts. The inhabitants are poor, inbred, uneducated, and very superstitious. There are many decrepit and abandoned buildings, "ravines of problematical depth" and "stretches of marshland that one instinctively dislikes". [H.P. Lovecraft]
Farr Military Academy - Elite military academy on the east coast, attended by Dick Cole [Blue Bolt Comics]
Freeton - A township near the ocean, with an old Inn near the cliffs, which is purportedly haunted. [Mystery Men Comics #27]
House of Usher - A haunted house in an unspecified swamp region, presumably in the southern bayou. Strange lights and sounds emanate about the place, and the house itself may be sentient. Although it sunk into a tarn, it could re-emerge just as mysteriously. [Edgar Allen Poe]
Innsmouth, Massachusetts - "A considerably twisted version of Newburyport", Massachusetts," but to the south. The Manuxet River empties into the ocean here, and off its shore is Devil's Reef and the underwater city of Y'ha-nthlei. The Esoteric Order of Dagon is a cult that sacrifices people there to the Deep Ones for gold and fish. Most inhabitants of Innsmouth are not human. [H.P. Lovecraft]
Jubilation - A small town in the desert of the south western United States, with 4372 residents. It promotes itself as an extremely freindly Christian town, but the residents are a bit ignorant and xenophobic. Gambling is allowed and sometimes aliens show up. [Jubilation, U.S.A. by G. L. Vandenburg]
Kingsport, Massachusetts - A town located where Marblehead, Massachusetts is located. [H.P. Lovecraft]
Kowa, California - A vast, domed Chinese city in the caves underneath San Francisco. The inhabitants plot against the surface dwellers, intending to conquer them. The dome eventually collapsed causing the San Francisco earthquake. [Kowa the Mysterious by Charles Foley]
Lake LaMetrie, Wyoming - A lake in the mountains inhabited by elasmosaurs. [The Monster of Lake LaMetrie by Wardon Allan Curtis]
Mammoth City - A city infested with mobsters, surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. Specific locations include Crawford Chemical Works, the Pottsville railroad line, and a monastery called Rest Haven which is located in the wilderness on the outskirts of town. [Police Comics]
-Lakeville - A neighborhood on the edge of Mammoth City.
Merryvale - A small family-friendly town where the Brown family has lived for generations. [Charles F. Lester]
Mikewa - A state represented by Senator Elias Gotobed. [Anthony Trollope]
Norumbega, Maine - A large, wealthy native city of legend though to exist on the shore of a large river somewhere in New England, possibly where Bangor, Maine stands.
Olympia, Ohio - A once quiet town. [The Willing Muse by Willa Cather] Readestown, New York - A small town built around the industrial manufacturing plants of Reade Iron Works, founded by Frank Reade and his family.[Frank Reade Jr. #1]
Ripton, Massachusetts - A city thought to exist which is actually a hoax, first perpetrated by a politician. It is very influential in economic politics.
Riverboro, Maine - A small farm town where Sunnybrook Farm is located. [Kate Douglas Wiggin]
Roadtown, New York - A city within one long continuous cement building that runs for several hundred miles, over the hills of New York. There is a subway below it. [Edgar Chambless]
Rootabaga County - An enchanted county in the mid-west which is inhabited by corn fairies and other strange creatures. There are farms and trains that run through it. The largest village is the Village of Liver-and-Onions. [Carl Sandburg]
San Angeles, California - A future mega-city including Los Angeles, San Diego and surrounding regions. Featured in the movies Blade Runner, Demolition Man, Double Dragon and in many other sources.
Santa Mira, California - A town which is the setting for many works of fiction, starting with the movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956).
Shi-wah-ki Village - A village of natives in the Southwest. [Perils of Pauline by Charles Goddard]
Steel City, Oregon - A strongly fortified germanic city state, granted sovereignty by the state of Orgeon, which is ruled by a dictator and produces highly advanced weaponry, which it sells for great profit. It is built in concentric circels with "The Tower of the Bull" at its center. [Jules Verne]
Stotham, Massachusetts - A quiet and unspoiled New Engalnd village. The legendary Rogers Mansion had buried treasure guarded by a ghost. Many of the town's buildings were created by architect Ruben Duren. [Hubert G. Ripley]
Tarleton, Georgia - A small, boring town. [The Ice Palace by F. Scott Fitzgerald] Tilbury Town, Maine - Small town modeled after Gardiner, Maine [Edwin Arlington Robinson]
Tunker's Junction - A train junction in the south, near a swamp.
University of Cosmopoli - A cursed university in New England that is a supernatural nexus. [Edward Heron-Allen]
"Valley of Giants," Nevada - A hidden valley that can only be entered through the "Phantom Mine." [Amazing Man Comics #5]
Zenith - A city due east of Chicago, 17 miles from the Illinois state line. It is an exceptionally average city, who's inhabitants confrom to traditional mores and tend to ostracize those who do not. Floral Heights is a prosperous neighborhood. [Sinclair Lewis]

Avonlea - A town located on a small peninsula on the northern shore of Prince Edward Island. It is a rural farming and lobster fishing town. It is surrounded by the communities of Bright River, Carmody, Grafton, Newbridge, Spencervale and White Sands. [Lucy Maud Montgomery]

Mount Kunlun - A mountain hundreds of thousands of feet high which is inhabited by gods and powerful monsters. [The Book of Mountains and Seas]
Valley of the Moon - A valley hidden in the mountains of Northwest of Yunnan Province. It is inhabited by blood filled Hoshai flowers that grow in hot lava cauldrons. They are defended by vampire women who live in the great caverns beneathe the mountains. [Wonderworld Comics #6]

Kait - A hidden city located in a jungle oasis on the northern end of the Nile.

Barsetshire County [Anthony Trollope]
-Barchester - a cathedral town
Cloisterham - A fictional version of Rochester. [The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens]
Crotchet Castle - Home to a variety of eccentrics. [Thomas Love Peacock]
Exham Priory - An estate infested by demonic rats. [The Rats in the Walls by H.P. Lovecraft]
Friardale - A village near the market town of Courtfield, about a mile from Peggy Bay. It contains Greyfriar's School (for boys), Cliff House School (for girls) and the less prestegious school, Highcliffe. [Charles Hamilton]
Mansfield Park - A luxurious rural estate. [Jane Austen]
Moonfleet - A small village near the sea in the south of England. Based on East Fleet in Dorset.
Nightmare Abbey - A gloomy estate inhabited by nihilists. [Jane Austen]
Ravenal's Tower - A tall tower visible for miles, in which rests Lord Ravenall in an octagonal chamber. He was cursed to never rest in the earth. [Edith Nesbit]
Rufford County [Anthony Trollope]
Yalding Castle - An enchanted estate in the West Country. It has a lake, marble statues and a maze in the rose garden. It is also the hiding place of magical artifacts. [Edith Nesbit]

Locus Solos - An estate in which bizzare science experiments are on display. [Raymond Roussel]
Poictesme Province [James Branch Cabell]
Quiquendone - A stuffy Flemish town that was subjected to the experiments of Dr. Ox. As a result, the people have unusual agression and the plants are of unusual size. [Jules Verne]

Titipu - A town where everyone seems to have an absurd name and where the laws are equally absurd (such as a death penalty for flirting). There is a general lack of logic in the town. [The Mikado by Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert]

Auenthall - A small town. [Johann Paul Friedrich Richter]
Auersperg Castle - An ancient castle where black magic is practiced. There are mazes of catacombs below it.

Gort Na Cloca Mora - A region inhabited by lepruchans, where a pot of gold is hidden beneath a tree. [Crock of Gold, by James Stephens]

Mount Chapetulco - Mountain surrounded by haunted bogs.

Vondervotteimittis - A boring town where the citizens are obssessed with clocks and cabbage. Its time appeared to be up, when it was attacked by a demon. [The Devil in the Belfry by Edgar Allan Poe]

The Scholomance - A school of black magic located near a lake just south of Hermannstadt.

Loch Malcolm - An underground lake, near Aberfoyle, where a coal mining community lives. The mines and the community seem to be haunted by something mischievous. [The Child of the Cavern by Jules Verne]

Fictional Nations
Allestone [Thomas Williams Malkin]

Andesia - South American state near the Andes. It has at least one airport. [Arrow #3]

Anduras - South American state near the Andes. It is a mountains country with valuable mines and a strong military. [Weird Comics #1]

Aphania (Central Europe) - A kingdom with many strange laws and customs. Salaries are only paid to those who do not work. Violations in the laws of grammar are punishable by death. The military places special emphasis on the testing and perfecting of very big drums. [Petsetilla's Posy by Tom Hood]

Ardistan - A large country in the mountains, ruled by despots known as Mirs. It lies to the sount of El Hadd, and broders Tshobanistan and Djubanistan, with which it often battles. [Karl Friedrich]
-Ard - the capital city
-City of the Dead - the old capital city on the banks of the Suhl River. It is a ghost town in an arid region, filled with secret passages and such.

Axphain (Europe) - A nation on the northern border of Graustark. The two nations are long-time enemies. Briefly ruled by communists afer World War I, Axphain's traditional monarchy was later restored. [George Barr McCutcheon]

Balkania (South East Asia) - A kingdom deep in the "Siamese jungle."

Balnibarbi - A nation ruled by the tyrannical king of Laputa. It once ruled the world.[Jonathan Swift]
-Lagado - the capital city

Betonia (Europe) - A kingdom with lots of assassination plots [His Royal Highness] (1932)

Biarmaland (Asia) - A mighty kingdom to the north of Russia. It is usually the homeland of villains and monsters.

Brazonia (South America) - A country on the brink of war. [Zip Comics]

Centrania (Europe) - A nation trying to undermine the power of the United States. [Pandora by Aurthur B. Reeve]

Costaguana - (South America) - A republic. [Nostromo by Joseph Conrad]
-Sulaco - A mining town in the Occidental region.

Crim Tartary (Europe, north of the Black Sea) - A kingdom ruled by a royal family. ["The Rose and the Ring" by William Makepeace Thackeray]

Dawsbergen (Europe) - A nation on the southern border of Graustark. [George Barr McCutcheon]

Gondour - An ideal republic in which voters and public officials were forced to take an exam before participating in politics. [Mark Twain]

Graustark (Europe) - A small nation in the Carpathian mountains, near Romania, which is ruled by a monarchy and known for poltical intrigue. [George Barr McCutcheon]
-Edelweiss - The capital city which is accessible by train from Vienna.
-Ganlook - A mountain town on the northern border, named after a prince who was killed in a war with Axphain in the 1870's.

Grunewald (Europe) - A tiny Germanic principality, ruled by an incompetent and scandalous royalty. ["Prince Otto" by Robert Louis Stevenson]

Herland - A hidden utopian society inhabbited only by women, who reproduce asexually. ["Herland" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman]

Hili-liland (Antarctica near the South Pole) - Nation founded by Ancient Romans, south of Tsalal. It has a more developed civilization, consisting of Hili-li City on Hili-li Island, along with some outlying island colonies. ["A Strange Discovery" by Charles Romeyn Dake]

Hohenwald ["The Princess Aline" by Richard Harding Davis]

Ionia (Asia) - A utopian nation hidden in the Himalayan mountains, founded by Greek mercenaries, and advanced by the leadership of Prince Timoleon. The people speak Greek, are well educated and usually live to 100 years. Their society is technologically advanced, drawing power from windmills and other natural sources, while recycling waste and controlling pollution. The government is a republic, and it controls marriage, and practices eugenics. There is no debt, no advertising and no poverty. The rivers Pharos and Styx run through the valley in which the country is situated. [Ionia: Land of Wise Men and Fair Women by Alexander Craig]
-Iolkos - The capital city, which consists of palatial halls, towers and domes. The government operates out of the Acropolis of Iolkos which is situated on an island in the center of the valley's main lake.

Jolliginki (Africa) - A kingdom. ["The Story of Doctor Doolittle" by Hugh Lofting]

Kioland (Eastern Asia) - A giant nation that is a dictator to a host of tiny states such as Herma. [Police Comics #2]

Kosnia (Europe) - A kingdom. [If I Were Queen]

Kravonia (Eastern Europe) - An ancient kingdom between Russia, Poland and Checkloslovakia. Its unit of currency is the para, and it has its own unique language. ["Sophy of Kravonia" by Anthony Hope]
-Praslock Castle - An ancient estate.
-Slavna - The capital city on the River Krath. It is surrounded by lovely pastures.
-Volseni - A fortress-like city overlooking Lake Talti. It is built along a single road and the gates to the city are shut at night. It's men are of a rough breed.

Lindalino - A city-state which rose up against the oppression of the floating city of Laputa.  ["Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift]

Lutha (Europe) - A small Balkan kingdom, located between Serbia and Austro-Hungary. ["The Mad King" by Edgar Rice Burroughs]

Marcia - A Utopian society ["A Description of the Famous Kingdom of Macaria" by Samuel Hartlib]

Masavania (Europe) - A kingdom. [If I Were Queen]

Mauchako - A nation threatened by a militant revolutionary force, which employs gun runners and mercenaries. It is in an unspecific region of the world, but it has sea ports and mountains. [Wonder Comics #1]

Maurevania (Eastern Europe) - A tiny country. [Thomas W. Hanshew]

Meccania (Europe) - A nation ruled by extreme totalitarians, where people are treated like machines. Citizens wear uniforms to distinguish their class. They must meet a fatigue quota while working. The government controls breeding for eugenics. All communication is monitored and censored. Meccania is surrounded by the nations of Franconia, Luniland, and Lugrabia. [Meccania: the Super-State by Owen Gregory]

Mosconia - Inhabitants speak german or russian and they are hostile to the United States. [Pep Comics #4-5]

North Polaria (Arctic) - A nation in the far north, inhabited by the agressive Eskimongolians. [Fantastic Comics #1]

Olifa (Southern America) ["The Courts of the Morning" by John Buchan]

Paflagonia (Europe, south of the Black Sea) - A kingdom ruled by a royal family. ["The Rose and the Ring" by William Makepeace Thackeray]

Perusalem ["The Inca of Perusalem" by George Bernard Shaw]

Pfennig Halbpfennig (Central Europe) - A German speaking country which has an unusual law regarding "Statutory Duels." Duelists compete by drawing playing cards, with the loser "dying" and becoming a "legal ghost". ["The Grand Duke" by Gilbert and Sullivan].

Pontevedro (Central Europe) - A poverty-stricken Grand Duchy situated deep in the Balkans. A thinly veiled reference to Montenegro. ["L'Attache d'ambassade" by Henri Meilhac and "The Merry Widow"]

Poyais (Central America) [Gregor MacGregor]

Rivânia (Europe) - A small Germanic kingdom. [Ozmar the Mystic by Emeric Hulme-Beaman]

Ruritania (Central Europe) - A German speaking country ruled by an absolute monarchy that monitors the citizens with suspicion. There are deep social class divisions in the country. [Anthony Hope]
-Strelsau - The capitol city which lies on the railway line between Dresden and Prague.

Samarkand (Asia) - A small nation ruled by a monarchy, located in the same region as the real world province of Samarqand in modern Uzbekistan. The real city of Samarkand has been romanticized, especially in Islamic lore as an idealic society of justice and righteous moderation. [Moon Girl]

Samavia (Eastern Europe) - A small kingdom with a pastoral economy, located north of Beltrazo and east of Jiardasia and borders Carnolitz. It was ruled by he House of Fedorovitch, but after a rebellion, it was caught in civil war between the House Iarovitch and the House Maranovitch, but both were swet aside by The Secret Party. The nation was absorbed by other nations after World War I. ["The Lost Prince" by Frances Hodgson Burnett]
-Melzarr - The capital city.

San Pedro (Centeral America) - A dictatoriship. Its colours are green and white. ["The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]

Salvarita (South America) - A tropical country. [Union Jack #488]

Slavonia - A tiny neutral country known as "the balkan storehouse." [Jumbo Comics #25]

-Wadapest - A small town governed by Jan Petrov.

Slivonia (Central Europe) - A Balkan state protected by the Phantom Princess. [Amazing Mystery Funnies #20]

Stokia (Eastern Europe) - A nation hostile to the United States. [Pep Comics #1]

Swisslakia (Europe) - A fictional kingdom which occupies the space of real-world Switzerland. [Clue Comics #1]
-Mount Royal - Where the legendary stone giant is buried.

Tartonia (Europe) - A country wracked by a bloody civil war.


Thermosa - After an American impersonates the nation's prince, a peasant's revolution leaves him as the new President. [His Royal Slyness]

Zandipore - A kingdom where magic is practiced. [Amazing Man Comics #11]

Mysterious/Hidden Regions

Arite - a microscopic city on a ring. It has broad streets and is populated by Oroids, microscopic humans. [The Girl in the Golden Atom by Raymond King Cummings]

Arohiti - A city in a tropical jungle. The shrine to the moon god is the most venerated spot, and it is near the forbidden "Valley of Silence" under which lies Subterris, the city of the Serpentons

Castora - An invisible city ruled by women. Men are not allowed to stay more than 24 hours. It is surrounded by mountains inhabited by wizards. [Les Ondins by Marie Anne de Roumier Robert]

City of the Metal Folk, aka The Metal Monster (Himalayas) - A city inhabited by and made up of sentient metal beings. [Abraham Merritt]

El Dorado (South America) - The fabled city of gold, ruled by a king who wears gold dust. [legend]

Erewhon - A hidden county with strange ways and sentient robots. [Samuel Butler]

Glittering Plain - Those who enter gain immortality, but they may never leave. [William Morris]

Gorilla Land (Africa) - A region with intelligent apes and giant bat-like vultures [Fantoman #4]

Hyperborea (Northern Europe) - A region that can not be reached by conventional means, where the sun always shines, the inhabitants do not age and life is perfect (there is no war, disease or labor). Apollo lives here. [Greek myth]

Kaloon - A city on an island in a fork in the river on the plains of Kaloon. The city's terraced buildings stand hundreds of feet tall. The city's inhabitants do not use currency, but there are many precious metals in the area. [H. Rider Haggard]

Kukuanaland / King Solomon's Mines (Africa) - Kukuanaland is a lush valley surrounded by the Suliman Mountains. It is ruled by a ruthless king, from the capital city of Loo. It is also the home of the mines where the vast riches of King Solomon are hidden. The inhabitants speak an ancient form of the Zulu language. [H. Rider Haggard]

Leng (Central Asia) - A mysterious plateau. The dreaded Necronomicon says it is inhabited by a human corpse-eating cult. Home of a 50 million year old city. [H.P. Lovecraft]

Maple White Land, aka The Lost World (South America) - A volcanic plateau in the Amazonian jungles of Brazil, inhabited by dinosaurs. ["The Lost World" by Aurthur Conan Doyle]

Nameless City (Arabian Peninsula) - An ancient ruin that is older than any human civilization. Beneath the ruins are passages with low ceilings that lead to the center of the earth. [H.P. Lovecraft] 

Opar (Africa) - A lost city, a colony of Atlantis with massive amounts of gold, La is the high priestess of the Flaming God of Opar [Edgar Rice Burroughs]

Pal-ul-Don, The Land of Men (Africa) - A hidden valley inhabited by strangely evolved  remnants of prehistoric creatures. [Edgar Rice Burroughs]

Quivira, Cíbola and the Seven Cities of Gold - Cities founded by monks, who made off with great riches. [legend]

Selene (Serbia) - A city of vampires ruled by a vampire monarchy. It is normally invisible to mortal eyes, and may be precieved differently by each eye. It is a gloomy city in perpetual lunar twilight, with great domed ampitheaters, a forest of minarettes and other temple-like citadels. [Paul Féval]

Shambhala / Shamballa / Shangri-La (Central Asia) - A land of purity, peace, tranquility and happiness, inhabited by the enlightened.  It is as much a spiritual place as a physical one.  In the future, the king of this land will lead the world against the forces of darkness, to usher in a golden age. [legend]

Wandering City (South America) - Also Known as The City of Patagonia, The City of the Caesars, Trapalanda or Trapananda, Lin Lin or Elelín. It is located somewhere in Patagonia, in some valley of the Andes between Chile and Argentina. It is a prosperous city full of gold, silver and diamonds. It is an enchanted city that can not always be found in the same place. It is sometimes said to be inhabited by ghosts or Patagonian giants. [legend]

Volsinia - A mysterious nation with a coast on the Sea of Megalocrida, where strange things happen. It is wracked by storms. [Dr Trifulgas: A Fantastic Tale by Jules Verne.]
-Lucktrop - A neighborhood near the habror where nightmarish things happen. Its latitude and longitude are unknown. Comprised of about 100 houses with green palings and overlooked by the Vauglor and the square belfry of Saint Philfilena. It is near the ruins of the arab looking ruins of the Crimmarian era.
-Mountains of Crimma
-The Vauglor - An active volcano in the mountains of Crimma that glows and spews ash on Luktrop.

Xuja (Africa) - A lost city hidden in a desert valley.  The inhabitants are insane, worship monkeys and parrots and train lions. [Edgar Rice Burroughs]

Mobile Locations

Black City of the Sky - A floating castle, which is the home of the Vulture and his henchmen. [Lightning Comics v2 #5]

City of Zoom - A city ruled by a sorceress, that can be transformed into a cloud, at her command, to travel over land and set down where she wishes. It is inhabited by slaves and undead creatures created by the sorceress from the corpses of her enemies. [Weird Comics #1]

Laputa - An island that floats by means of magnetic levitation. It's inhabitants are scientifically brilliant, but impractical. Its king is a tyrant. ["Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift]

Scotia Moria - A floating island. [The Floating Island by Frank Careless]

Spidermonkey Island - An island that floats in the South Atlantic, wandering the currents near South America. Its mountains are hollow and filled with air, which keeps it afloat. It is inhabited by the Popsipetel tribe on one end and the much larger Bag-jagderag tribe on the other. It is one of three countries in the world inhabited by the rare Jabizri beetle. [The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting]

Standard Island (South Pacific) - An artifical island-ship that had 27 square kilometers of fertile soil. Milliard City was situated in the center of the island, taking up one fifth of the total surface area. There were no bars or casinos allowed on the island, and it was divided between the Catholic and Protestant sections. It ran aground near a northern island of New Zealand. [Propeller Island by Jules Verne]


Aeaea/Aiaia (The Mediterranean) - The heavily wooded island. At the center, in a clearing, is the estate of the witch Circe, inhabited by docile animals who do her bidding. [William Dean Howells]

Altruria - A utopian island nation, run by Christian principles. The concept of money has been abolished, there are no classes, life is slow and opportunity has a direct correspondence with hard work. [William Dean Howells]

Asturnia - Volanically heated island civilization founded by medevial Normans who have grown to be larger and stronger than most humans. [Princess Thora by Harris Burland]

Austin Island, aka Proteus Island (South Pacific, near Antarctica) - A tropical island, located between Macquarie and the Balleny Islands, which is inhabited by genetically engineered mutant plants and animals, including bat-like creatures and dog-like pack predators. [Stanley Grauman Weinbaum]

Barataria - An isle awarded to Sancho Panza by a nobleman (as a prank).  ["Don Quixote" by Miguel de Cervantes]

Bensalem (Pacific, west coast of American continent) - An island which hosts a utopian society where "generosity and enlightenment, dignity and splendour, piety and public spirit" are the primary virtues. It contains a state sponsored research university called "Solomon's House." ["New Atlantis" by Francis Bacon]

Brobdingnag (Northeast Pacific) - An island or peninsula in inhabited by giants.  ["Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift]

Buyan - A mysterious island where strange things happen. It can appear and disappear. It is inhabited by the personifications of the North, East and West winds. [Slavic mythology]

Cabbalusa - An island inhabited by females with hooves instead of hands and feet. They will bed male visitors, get them drunk and then eat them. [True History by Lucian of Samosata]

Cacklogallinia (The coast of South America) - Home of a peculiar kingdom. [Captain Samuel Brunt]

Capa Blanca Isles [The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting]

Caphar Salama - An island in the Academic Sea, between McMurdo Sound and the Ross Sea. It contains the city of Christianopolis. [Reipublicae Christianapolitinae Descriptio by Johannes Valentinus Andreae]

Caseosa, aka Milk Island - An island made of cheese where the grapes prduce milk. It is 25 miles around. [True History by Lucian of Samosata]

Caspac, aka Caprona (South Atlantic, near Antarctica) - Ring shaped Island inhabited by dinosaurs, self-evolving cave men, and the Weiroo. [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
-Oo-oh:  Home of the flying Weiroo.

Chairman Island (South Pacific) - A deserted island on which boys from England, France and the US were stranded. ["Two Years' Vacation" by Jules Verne]

Coral Island (South Pacific) - An island frequented by pirates and polynesian tribes, near the island Mango. [The Coral Island by R.M. Ballantyne]

Crusoeland - A deserted island on which Laurel and Hardy are stranded. [Atoll K]

Dionysus Island - An island inhabited by talking female vines. If you converse with them, it will make you drunk. If you touch them, you will become a vine yourself. [True History by Lucian of Samosata]

Gaaldine (South Pacific) - An island with a tropical clime, under the rule of Gondal. [Emily Brontë and Anne Brontë ]

Glubbdubdrib - An island governed by a tribe of magicians. About one third the size of the Isle of Wight. ["Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift]

Gondal (South Pacific) - An island of moorlands and snow, governed by the war like and two faced Julius Brenzaida, until he was executed in a civil war and replaced by his daughter. [Emily Brontë and Anne Brontë ]

Houyhnhnms - Island inhabited by intelligent speaking horses and mentally impaired Yahoos.  ["Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift]

Island of Dr. Moreau - Island on which Dr. Moreau conducted secret experiments, transforming animals into "Beast Men" in his "House of Pain."  [H.G. Wells]

Isle of Phantasy - An island inahbited by dinosaurs, "mugwugs," at least one giant, talking bird, the kingdom of Tinilonia and an old man in a subterranean castle who is building sentient robots. [Amazing Mystery Funnies v3 #1]

Isles of Wisdom (South Pacific) - Group of small islands occupying less than 1000 square miles. Each island uses the dragoma unit of currency. [Alexander Moszkowski]

Javasu (Indian Ocean) - The island of Princess Caraboo.

Karain (Antarctic) - A semi continent near Antarctica. The utopian nation of Islandia is on the northern tip. Though technologically primitive, Islandia is advanced in emotionally caring for its citizens, who all have rural homes and care deeply for nature. Only 100 visitors are allowed in the country at any given time. [Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift]

Laceland - An island kingdom where the king has mystical control over light beams. [Alfred Jarry]

Leap Islands - Contains the isle of Leaphigh which is inhabited by an advanced and aristocratic monkey race. [The Monikins by James Fennimore Cooper]

Lilliput and Blefuscu (South Indian Ocean) - Two islands which are neighbors, separated by a channel eight hundred yards wide. Both are inhabited by tiny people who are "not six inches high." Both kingdoms are "empires", i.e. realms ruled by a self-styled emperor. The capital of Lilliput is Mildendo. [Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift]

Lixus - An island off the coast of Africa populated with trees that bear golden fruit. [Natural History by Pliny]

Lincoln Island (South Pacific) - An island located at 34°57'S 150°30'W? / ?34.95°S 150.5°W? / -34.95; -150.5, about 2,500 kilometres (1,600 mi) east of New Zealand. It is inhabited by orangutans, it has an active volcano and it is the hideout of Captain Nemo. ["The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne]

Luggnagg - An island state about 100 leagues SE from Japan.  The inhabitants live forever. ["Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift]

Mardi Archipelago - An archipelago of islands which are the homes of symbolic nations. [Mardi and a Voyage Thither by Herman Melville]

Mayda/Asmaidas/Brazir (Atlantic) - A crescent shaped island southwest of Ireland. [The Alhambra by Washington Irving]

Megapatagonia (South Pacific) - An archipelago, south of Tierra Del Fuego, inhabited by humanoid animals. [La Découverte australe par un homme-volant by Nicolas Edme Restif de la Bretonne.]

Meropis (The Mediterranean) - An island that hosts an exaggerated civilization intended as a parody of Plato's Atlantis. [Theopompus of Chios]

Mervo (The Mediterranean) - An island principality. ["The Prince and Betty" by P. G. Wodehouse]

New America (The Arctic) - A large island which is a northward extension of Ellesmere Island. Its features include, on the west coast, Victoria Bay, Cape Washington, Johnson Island, Bell Mountain, and Fort Providence, and at its northern point (87°5'N 118°35'W? / ?87.083°N 118.583°W? / 87.083; -118.583), Altamont Harbour. [The Adventures of Captain Hatteras by Jules Verne]

Nut Island (North Atlantic, near Vegetable Sea) - An island where people make boats out of the shells of the giant nuts that grow there. They are terrorized by the inhabitants of Pumpkin Island. [True History by Lucian of Samosata]

Oceana (North Atlantic) - A democratic commonwealth, slightly smaller than France. The capital city is Emporium and its sister city Hiera. The major universities are located in Clio and Calliope. It has a well organized army, regulates the ownership of private property and does not allow idolatry. [The Commonwealth of Oceana by James Harington]
- Marpesia - An island province of Oceana. - Panopea - An island province of Oceana, that is in decay due to the unfit society of those who live there.

Ogygia (The Mediterranean) - Island inhabited by Calypso and her nymphs.  [The Odyssey by Homer]

Penguine Island (North Sea) - An island where penguins were miraculosly transformed into humans (a satirical version of France). [Anatole France]

Pumpkin Island (North Atlantic, near Vegetable Sea) - An island where people make boats out of the shells of the giant pumpkins that grow there. They use their giant pumpkin boats for piracy against the inhabitants of Nut Island. [True History by Lucian of Samosata]

Pyrallis (The Mediterranean) - A volcanic island, inhabited by pyrotocones, dragon-like creatures with insect-like wings. [Pliny, The Elder]

Pyrandia (South Pacific) - An island west of the Antarctic peninsula, inhabited by salamanders and flamemen. The light of its flames can be seen from a great distance. [Anatole France]

Riallaro ["Riallaro, the Archipelago of Exiles" by Godfrey Sweven]

Ricca (Mid-Pacific) - Island of 10,000 inhabitants, near trade routes, home of the Claw's castle. [Silver Streak Comics #1]

Rokovoko/Kokovoko - An island inhabited by a rough Native American tribe. It is "far away to the West and South" of New England. "It is not down in any map." [Moby Dick by Herman Melville]

Spensonia An island between "Utopia and Oceana", where English mariners form a communal society. [Thomas Spence]

Speranza/Island of Despair (South Caribbean) - An uninhabited tropical island off the coast of Venezuela. Tamed by the castaway Robinson Crusoe. [Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe]

Spider Island (Pacific) - An uncharted island near the Hawaiian islands inhabited by giant hissing spiders.  The venom of their bite can turn humans into giant spiders. The island has large uranium deposits, and a cabin built by researchers looking into the deposits. The island also has marshes with quicksand. [Horrors of Spider Island]

Sujan (Indian Ocean) - A large jungle island between India and Africa, ruled by a rich monarchy and inhabited by a massive variety of animals including horses, zebras, aardvarks, vultures, cougars, lions and tigers. The people worship a horse-god. [The Aventures of Rex & Rinty]

Tabor Island - A small island off of Lincoln Island. ["In Search of the Castaways" by Jules Verne]

Taprobane - An island inhabited by snakes with a head at each end. [Natural History by Pliny]

Thule (North Atlantic) - An island of unspecified location, on the edge of the known civilized world.

Treasure Island - An island where pirates bury their treasure.  [Robert Louis Stevenson]

Tsalal - (South Atlantic, near Antarctica) An island on the east side of an archipelago of islands.  It was once inhabited by primitive natives with literally black skin, hair, teeth and eyes who lived in the village of Klock-Klock.  It was also inhabited by other strange creatures and the water had multi-colored veins in it.  Nothing on the island was white.  All life on the island was wiped out by some catastrophe, presumably an earthquake or volcano.  ["The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym" by Edgar Allan Poe and "An Antarctic Mystery" by Jules Verne]

Ursina - An island near Vulpina that has an ampitheatre where the animals of the Zodiac are made to perform. [Frank Careless]

Utopia - A crescent shaped island about 200 miles wide, and close to the mainland. It is the home of an agrarian republic with absolutely no private property. An average household has two slaves, each a criminal, weighed down by gold chains. There are 54 towns, each with about 6000 households, and the capital city is Amaurot. [Utopia by Sir Thomas More]

Vanishing Isles (South Pacific) - Volcanic tropical islands ruled by Alani, the South Seas Girl. [Seven Seas Comics #1]

Vulpina/Lupania/Ramallia/Villa Franca - An island nation near Ursina with a powerful navy. [Frank Careless]

Waferdanos (North Atlantic) - An island inhabited by furry men who wear no clothes and live in bamboo huts. They have no art and no laws, but they take the advice of the wise man known as "The King of the People." [Voyage Curieux d'un Philadelphe dans des Pays nouvellement Decouverts]

Wicket - An island near Clerkship, inhabited by Furrycats who have long, powerful claws, live on marble and eat small children. You are free to come to the island, but may not leave without a hearing. Justice on the island is determined by money, and court hearings involve interrogation and torture. Wickedness and vice are considered virtue, and the main source of income is extortion. The machinations of the Furrycats are the cause of most evil in the world, and they have designs on world domination. The Archduke Clawpuss is the title of the ruler. [Francois Rabelais]

Wonder Island (South Pacific) - A large island inhabited by six primitive and hostile tribes. A group of castaways built the village of Unity, where they taught the natives the ways of modern civilization. Unity is about 10 miles from the sea, and consists of buildings designed with modern architectural principals including a saw mill, a small foundry, a machine shop, and a grist mill, all powered by hydro-electric generators. The island is also inhabited by yaks and orangutangs. There are forests, rivers and waterfalls and a pirate's treasure hidden in a cave. It is about 100 miles from another island inhabited by 5-6 warring tribes. [Roger Thompson Finlay]

Wongo - A tropical island inhabited by ulgy, brutish men and beautiful women. They worship the crocodile god. It is neighbored by an island inhabited by beautiful men and ugly women. [Wild Women of Wongo]

Yew - An enchanted isle inhabited by fairies and dragons.  [L. Frank Baum]
-Dawna The Eastern Country
-Auriel, The Western Country
-Heg, The Northern Country
--Forest of Lurla
-Plenta, The Southern Country
-Spor, The Central Country, a land of thieves and marauders, inhabited by giants, dwarves and "Gray Men"
-Twi, a hidden kingdom in perpetual twilight where everyone has a twin.

Civilizations Below The Sea

Arqtiq - A city benethe the ice of the arctic inhabited by technologically advanced people with telepathy. They are devout Christians and have a culture of perfect gender equality. [Anna Adolph]

Atlantis - The most famous of the sunken continents.  It is usually depicted as a culturally and technologically advanced society before it sank, and sometimes connected to extra-terrestrials.  The sunken continent is often depicted as an underwater home to the descendants of the original inhabitants and these are often depicted as having adapted to breathe underwater. [Greek myth]

Lemuria - A supposed "lost land" that was found in either the Indian or Pacific Ocean. [semi-scientific speculation]

Merma - An underwater kingdom, inhabited by water breathing humanoids. [Yankee Comics #2]

Mu - A sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. [Mayan legend]

Rutas - (Indian Ocean ) A sunken continent to the South West of India, once inhabited by a warrior class, symoblized by the heraldic color of red. May be another name for Lemuria. [Dravidian legend]

R'lyeh - (Pacific Ocean, 47°9'S 126°43'W? / ?47.15°S 126.717°W? / -47.15; -126.717?). A terrifying alien city which was submerged, but later, brought to the surface. [H.P. Lovecraft]

Ys - A city located off Brittany, France that was supposedly built below sea level, protected by a dam, and eventually destroyed when the Devil released the water held back by the dam. [legend]

Subterranean Worlds

Agartha - A city or network of cities located near the earth's core.  It's capital is described as Shamballah or the Garden of Eden. [legend]

Atvatabar - A utopian nation within the earth. [The Goddess of Atvatabar by William Richard Bradshaw]

Aquatania (Pacific) - A kingdom in the "Land Beneathe the Sea." It is located below the floor of the South Pacific Ocean near the Marquesas Islands. To the east lies the swamps of the frog-men and an access point to the ocean. To the west lies the great steam caverns inhabited by the Quadropels, who worship the steam god. Beyond the steam caverns is "Roara" a volcano, which looks like a great furnce which supplies the light and heat of the Land Beneathe the Sea. The heat is excruciating from a close distance. The entire region is inhabited by pre-historic creatures, many of whom are amphibious. [Amazing Man Comics #5]

Center of the Earth (North Atlantic) - Actually a cavern the size of Eurpoe, 87 miles below the surface. [Jules Verne]
-Lidenbrock Sea - Inhabited by prehistoric fish and dinosaurs.
-Axel Island - Inhabited by giant insects, mastadons, 12 foot ape-like humanoids, and other prehistoric plants and animals.

Deltos (North America) - Subterranean Nation of Dr. Bertoff which neighbors Voltor. [Blue Bolt #1]

Etidorpha (Kentucky) - A subterranean utopian society dominated by women who practice alchemy. [Etidorhpa, or, the end of the earth by John Uri Lloyd]

Kosekin Country (Antarctic) - Subterranean region off the coast of the Antarctic continent. There is a large tropical island in a subterranean sea inhabited by vicious seas monsters. The people of the island build pyramids and other architectural structures. They consider death, sickness, weakness and sadness to be extremely admirable. They conduct fueds and wars with acts of kindness. The island is also inhabited by dragon-like creatures and very large and very fast flightless birds. [James DeMille]

Mizora (Northern Russia) - A subterranean civilization inahbited by a race of technologically advanced aryan women. They practice eugenics, they have video phones, and can control weather with machines. [Mary E. Bradley Lane]

Nazar - A subterranean planet (about 1000 miles in circumference) that orbits the "Inner Sun." Inhabited by Griffons, Ox, Talking/Walking Trees with six arms and a face, Potuans (humanoids with short legs). Nation called Potu, ruled by the Lord of Potu. [Niels Klim's Underground Travels by Ludvig Holberg]
Earth's crust inhabited by monkey people and "The Land of Quama" is inhabited by humans.

Pellucidar - A world on the inner surface of the earth's shell. It's continents mirror the oceans of earth's surface and its oceans mirror the continents of the surface. It is lit by a stationary sun at the center of the earth. The sun is orbited by an inhabited moon, which leaves part of the surface eclipsed in its shadow. This world is inhabited by strange creatures. [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
-Phutra - City of the Mahar

Plutonia (Northern Alaska) - Subterranean world inhabited by dinosurs, monsters and primitives and supplied with light by a sun named Pluto. [Plutonia by Vladimir Obruchev]

Ruffal [La vie, les avanture, and le voyage de Groenland du Révérend Père Cordelier Pierre de Mesange by Simon Tyssot de Patot]

Theros (New Jersey) - A series of caves that extend for hundreds of miles, about 1000 yards below the surface of New Jersey. It is inahbited by a prosperous and technologically advanced subterranean empire built by the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis. The inhabitants built "The Silver Dome" as a great eye which is capable of viewing all events, past and present, anywhere in the universe. [Silver Dome by Harl Vincent]

Upsidonia (England) - A subterranean society where every social convention is opposite to that of England. Crime is rewarded and money is burdensome. [Upsidonia by Archibald Marshall]
Voltor (North America) - Subterranean Empire of the Green Sorceress which neighbors Deltos. [Blue Bolt #1]



*Planets and celestial bodies, which can sustain life.

Aldebaran - A forest planet, inhabited by carniverous siren trees and reptilian creatures. [Fantastic Worlds #7]

Algol - An asteroid inhabited by the cave-dwelling Stone-Backs. [Fantastic Worlds #7]

Algol - A forest planet terrorized by Jon Gregg and his robots. Malma is a human resistance leader, with her man, Grata. [Wonder Comics #20]

The Alpha Centauri System - The closest star system to earth, only 4.5 light years away.
*Armun - The central hub-planet of the Alpha Centauri system, inhabited by aggressive beings. [The Variable Man by Philip K. Dick]
*Mayron - One of the giant planets of Alpha Centauri system, inhabited by humanoids with much greater strength than earth men. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Strong Man of Mayron]
*New Earth - An Earth-like planet orbiting Alpha Centauri. [Space Adventures #10]
*Tara - A planet in the Alpha Centuri system colonized by humans. The land masses are covered in jungles and are seperated by two great oceans, Alpha and Omega. The seas are blue-gree, with white sandy beeaches. The planet is inhabited by trees hundreds of feet high and up to a thousand feet wide, dinosaurs, reptiles, giant ants and blue caveman. The planet has one natural satellite called Junior which is only 15 miles in diameter. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Danger in Deep Space]
*Torino - An extremely hot planet, mostly covered in magma. It has a gaseous sulfur atmosphere. It's inhabitants are bipedal, but have long, continuous tentacles for limbs. They travel across the planet in aircraft. They are hostile and their leader is Klee. [The Planet Man]

Almuric - A planet inhabited by human tribes in fortified towns, ape-like humanoids, winged Yaga demons, and other creatures. There are towns named Khor and Koth and there is a dark citadel called Ugg. [Robert E. Howard]

Amazonia - A planet inhabited by warrior women who hate men. [Planet Comics #21]

Antaclea - A planet with heavy gravity, inhabited by friendly, strong and technologically advanced humanoids. [Popular Comics #46]

Antar (wandering planetoid) - A movable planetoid with a cold, dead surface, which is inhabited by green ant-like humanoids with telepathic powers. They live in huge sub-surface caverns and tunnels, where they have built large and technologically advanced cities. After their sun burned out, they traveled the galaxy looking for a new sun to warm the surface of their planet, so they could rebuild it. They consider themselves generous and freedom loving people, thought they are not above destroying other planets, if their people are threatened. [Superworld Comics #3]

Anthenia - A planet inhabited by humans with an aggressive slave-trading society that models its architecture and clothing on Greco-Roman designs. Citizens wear togas and the military wears Greco-Roman looking armor. [Space Angel: The Gladiators]

Anvhar - A distant planet with harsh winters and plant life that grows quickly and powerfully in the spring. It was settled by fur hunters and researchers. It's society is now based on playing games. [Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison]

Aqua - A water world that is quickly drying up. [Planet Comics #42]

Aquam (water world) - An ocean planet, with one floating city called "Vlanuda," ruled by Queen Hlorte. This planet is where Ranadium Weed (a cure for Plutonian Plague, and the source of a plastic material) is harvested and exported. [Wonder Comics #17]

Ares [Planet Comics #37]

Aryl (mirage world) - A largely unknown planet within the orbit of Mercury, "where no man has ever seen a true image of the landscape because of the stupendous and never-ending mirages." [In the Orbit of Saturn by Roman Frederick Starzl]

Asperus - Home of the "Emerald Men" who are technologically advanced green humanoids with the ability to fly. [Fantastic Comics]

Astra - An earth-like world, with ruins from ancient civilizations, that serves as the home of a Terran colony called "Homeport."  The planet is inhabited by friendly aquatic humanoids, "Snake-Devils" with claws and fangs, and "Those Others," an intelligent race which bring with them a death to be feared.  It is in a system with three planets. [Andre Norton]

Astrax - A forest world inhabited by giants. Humans planted in the soil turn into trees which produce the prized "vitawood." [Planet Comics #36]

Astron Delta - Planet inhabited by an aggressive, cave dwelling humanoid race. [Killers from Space]

Athena - An earth-like planet four hundred light-years beyond the outermost boundary of the Gern Empire. [Space Prison by Tom Godwin]

Ato - An earth-like planet inhabited by intelligent, speaking apes who use unintelligent humans as beasts of burden. Most humans have been domesticated, so wild humans are rare. The apes are ruled by a monarchy. (This story is very similar to "The Planet of the Apes" which was written about 20 years later.) [Prize Comics #5]

Azitroth - A tropical planet covered with heavy gas clouds. Inhabited by primitive ape men who ride Lizard-Lions. Also inhabited by small Zarconian lizards which provide tasty meat. [Planet Comics #25]

Azra - An industrial planet inhabited by the Iron Jaw Men. [Planet Comics #30]

Aztla - A jungle world inhabited by green skinned "dragon raiders" who ride dragons and fire crossbows. [Planet Comics #29]

Baal - A planet inhabited by hostile water dwelling humanoids.

Baldur - A planet colonized by humans. It has snow-capped mountains, and clear, cold lakes, and rocky rivers dashing under great vine-hung trees. [Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper]

Barnil - A planet settled by humans who are technologically advanced. Barnil is in the same system as Holg. [Planet Comics #30]

Beloro - A planet inhabited by invisible avian predators. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Phantom Birds of Beloro]

Bifrost - A planet colonized by humans. It always keeps the same face turned to its sun. One side is blazingly hot and the other side is close to absolute zero, with a narrow and barely habitable twilight zone in between. [Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper]

Blyntzyn - A world with no shortage of precious metals, but very little water, sand and wood. Homeworld of small humanoids with advanced technology. [Amazing Adventures #4]

Brutus - A planet inhabited by humanoids that posses superhuman strength and the power of flight. They have a level of technology comparable to Earth and most citizens wear little clothing to show off their tremendous physiques. The planet is also inhabited by giant bats and insects. [Meteor Comics #1]

Calistro - A planet colonized by humans. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Black Cloud of Calistro]

Calypsus - A world that went to war against Earth. [The Winged Men of Orcon by David R. Sparks]

Cardor - A planetoid settled by humans. [Planet Comics #31]

Cassylia (casino planet) - An earth-like planet colonized by humans. It has casinos and is a popular tourist destination. [Deathworld by Harry Harrison]

The Circe Star System - A system with a yellow sun. [Storm Over Warlock by Andre Norton]
*Warlock - An earth-like planet with an amber-tinted sky. It is inhabited by "witches" with gem-like skin who can teleport. It is also inhabited by "wyverns" and sea beasts.
*Witch - The planet closest to the sun, too hot for human settlements.
*Wizard - The third planet from the sun. It is mostly bare rock its water is poisonous.

The Capella Star System - A star system in the Auriga constellation, 42 Million Light Years from Earth.
*Capella - A planet that is inhabited by telepathic humanoids who are peaceful and technologically advanced. [Jubilation, U.S.A. by G. L. Vandenburg]
*New Texas (Capella IV) - An earth-like planet "with a slightly higher mean temperature, a lower mass and lower gravitational field, about one-quarter water and three-quarters land-surface. It is colonized by humans from Texas, after the First Interplanetary War. They wish to remain independant of the "Solar League." They heard giant native cattle with tanks, and supply meat to the galaxy. The assassination of politicians is considered justifiable homicide. New Austin is the planet's capital. [A Planet for Texans by H. Beam Piper]

Carnavornia - A planet inhabited by humans and a jungle filled with carniverous plants. [Planet Comics #28]

Clamer - An earth-like planet in the system closest to Groobe. It is inhabited by peaceful humans, and protected by Arpalones. It is orbited by a moon and was invaded by Ozobes. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]

Coar - The fourth planet in its system, it is inhabited by technologically advnced humans, which rules the system to an oppressive degree. Its scientists created hyperdrive systems, and a superweapon which detroyed Sennech. [Tulan by Carroll Mather Capps]

Crimson aka Aladdin's Planet - An earth-like planet about six parsecs stellar north of the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. It orbits 3 stars, each rising on a different horizon. It is a place where anything you wish for is spontaneously created, and it is where two children were stranded, who shaped the world with their imaginations, creating companions drawn from history and mythology. [A World Called Crimson by Darius John Granger]

Cymradia - A jungle planet with purple skies and heavy mist, inhabited by brain men, their synthopoids and the Arborotes. [Planet Comics #43]

Dara - A planet revolving around a yellow sun, that is rich in heavy metals. It was colonized by humans and had a booming commerce, trading iridium, uranium, tungsten and gold, but was quarantined from all other planets after its people were infected by the Blue Plague. [Pariah Planet by Murray Leinster]

Darth - An earth-like planet colonized by humans, but sparsely populated. Its villages are small and there is no industry. There is a building on it that is half a mile tall. [Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster]

Diablo - A hot jungle planet inhabited by dragons. [Planet Comics #29]

Diana - A planet inhabited by humans and ruled by a monarchy. There does not appear to be any men on this world, and it is highly agressive toward neighboring planets. At least one of its rulers had ambitions of ruling the galaxy. [Flash Gordon: The Lure of Light]

Dox - Homeworld of an advanced humanoid race. Shares an orbit around the star Algol with its sister planet Zod, about 93 light years from Earth. [Space Adventures #4]

Droga - A planet who's inhabitants were so dangerous that the planet was bombed by a coalition of planets with a blast that knocked the planet off its regular orbit and caused it to experience an ice age. Many centuries later, as the ice receeded, the inhabitants returned to the surface. [Planet Comics #25]

Ebon - A planet inhabited by humans hostile toward Earth. [Flash Gordon: The Planet of Death]

Ecaep - A rocky planet inhabited by short, round, peaceful cave-dwelling humanoids who have observed earth's violent history and have a great fear of earth's inhabitants. [Mystery Men Comics #9]

Epsilon Eridani System - A star system 10.5 light years from Earth. [Planet of the Damned by Harry Harrison]
*Dis (desert world) - The third planet of the system. It is very hot and very dry. The planet is nothing but scorched rock and burning sand. Most of the water is underground and normally inaccessible. The surface water is all in the form of briny, chemically saturated swamps--undrinkable without extensive processing. The seven million inhabitants are equally inhospitable, with deep distrust of offworlders. The inhabitants have created WMD cobalt bombs, and use them to threaten Nyjord.
*Nyjord (paradise world) - The fourth planet of the system, it is a lush paradise. It's human inhabitants are far more interested in philosophy than building machines, because life there is so easy.

Erb - A planet inhabited by humans with telepathy. Memphir, the great "Empire of Empries" was destroyed by the barbarian hordes of Klem. The people of the great city of Memphir worship Asti. [The Gifts of Asti by Andre Alice Norton]

Erxo - A rocky planet inhabited by blobish creatures. [Planet Comics #25]

Exerdu - A planetoid settled by humans. [Planet Comics #27]

Falne - An earth-like planet inhabited by peaceful humans who do not wear clothing. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]

Fenachrone - Home of a highly advanced and aggressive semi-humanoid race, with devastating weapons technology, faster than light battleships, Zone of Force technology and extremely accurate charts of the galaxy. They plan to rule the "Cosmic All," starting with the Milky Way Galaxy and plan to erradicate any race that might stand in their way. The Fenachrone live for more than 100 years, and they have telepathic and hypnotic abilities. Their planet seems to have heavier than earth gravity but a hospitable atmosphere. [Skylark Three by Edward Elmer Smith]

Freya - A planet colonized by humans, where the women are especially beautiful. [Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper]

The Gartner Trisystem - A number of systems with planets and moons colonized by humans. Most are uninhabitable without pressure domes, but are rich in minerals and are heavily mined. The planets include: Britomart, Calidore, Jurgen, Koshchei, Panurge and the moons of Pantagruel. [Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper]

Gemini - A desolate planet on the far side of the Galaxy. It hosts a maximum security prison, where prisoners are held in cells. The atmosphere is not breathable without oxygen purifiers. [Flash Gordon: The Breath of Death]

Gordian Belt - An asteroid belt notorious for space pirate activity. [Planet Comics #31]

Gormona - A planet who's inhabitants are tyrannical and hostile to earth. [Planet Comics #10]

The Green System - A star system with multiple green stars and numerous planets, largely inhabited by green-skinned humanoids. [Skylark Three by Edward Elmer Smith]
*Dasor (water world) - A large ocean world in the Green System. It has a few small islands in its copper-sulfate rich oceans, and each is covered with solar panels and other power generators. It has a rotation of 50 hours and gravity equivalent to .95 of earth's gravity. The planet is inhabited by highly intelligent amphibious green humanoids who are considerably taller and heavier than an average human. They have short arms and webbed feet, with no body hair, somewhat resembling porposies. They get around in speedboats, submarines and waterslide tubes, but their civilization lacks power resources. Their surface cities are named First City through Sixth City.
*Norlamin - The sixth planet of the Green System inhabited by an advanced race of pacifists. They are tall and well proportioned green humanoids, with especially large heads to accomodate their large brains. They have great wisdom and comprehension of cosmic phenomena. Their race is much older than the human race.
*Osnome - A hot, lush world in the Green System with a peculiar light spectrum. Trees, grasses, minerals and even water appears to resemble every color of the rainbow, as well as colors unknown to earth. The planet is rich in copper and Arenak, a transparent metal 500 times as strong as steel. The world is inhabited by only two civilized nations of humanoids (who are pale green with glossy black hair), each occupying one of the two major continents. One nation is the Kondalians, a warrior race with a code of honor. Their capital city is Kondalek. They have been fighting a war of utter extermination for over 10,000 karkamo (6000 earth years) with the nation of Mardonale, which is on the other side of a sea infused with a copper sulfate solution. The Mardonale are advanced in electrical engineering, but have little understanding of chemistry. They have planes, helicopters and machine guns, but also use swords. They are extremely aggressive and keep slaves.
*Urvania - The third planet of the Green system. It is inhabited by a militant race of conquerors ruled by an Emperor and his Overlord. They are an older race and more scientifically advanced than the Osnomians who they wished to conquer. They have copper-sulfate oceans, like the other worlds of the system.

Groobe - An earth-like planet once inhabited by humans, until they were nearly all killed off by Ozobes. It is now a quite and desolate wasteland. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]

Groth - A forest planet settled by humans, in the same system as Nexor. [Planet Comics #33]

Guar - A planetoid inhabited by war-like humans. [Planet Comics #27]

Hecate (wandering planetoid) - A movable planet cloaked in darkness whose core is channeled into giant rocket funnels that propel the planet, which is inhabited by humanoids with advanced technology.

Hirlaj - Planet with a thin atmosphere, inhabited by the last two dozen members of a race of large, slow-moving creatures with telepathic abilities. These creatures had long ago abolished war on their planet. They worship Kor, a concept in which God and knowledge/science are indistinguishable. [Warlord of Kor by Terry Carr]

Hodell - An earth-like planet inhabited by peaceful humans, and protected by Arpalones. The inhabitants are low level telepaths. Their civilization is similar to 20th United States civilization, with elected officials, cars and a monetary system based on precious metals (1 unit of platinum = 7.346 units of gold, 1 unit of gold = 11 units of silver, 1 unit of silver = 4 units of copper). The planet is also inhabited by hordes of vicious native flying creatures, including the sencors, fumapties and lemarts. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]

Holg - A planet settled by humans who are technologically advanced. Holg is in the same system as Barnil. [Planet Comics #30]

Hurrah - A planet inhabited by green skinned humanoids. [Green Boy From Hurrah in The Atlanta Constitution]

Imago - An orbitless planet inhabited by shapeshifters. [Captain Flash #4]

Imo - A largely barren planet inhabited by friendly green mimes that can instantly change their appearance to exactly duplicate the image of anything they see. They also seem to have the ability to restructure matter to make duplicates of inanimate objects. Finally, they have telepatchic powers and are resistant to high levels of heat. [Space Adventures #40]

Indigo - A planet inhabited by blue skinned people, on which everything is a shade of blue. The water will dye anything blue. [Planet Comics #21]

Inferno - A planet that became superheated due to its volcanos. It was inahbited by small humanoids made of glass, who live in metal huts and communicate by tapping on each other (a language called "clink"). They are ruled by a king called "The Great Glassblower" who controls the volcanos. [Zip Comics #2]

Inra (extreme planet) - A minor planetoid with a sea that covers nine tenths of the surface. The land is covered by a steaming hot and stinking jungle (even at the poles). Rain here comes in drops the size of a fist and is accompanied by thunder. A rare orchid growns here, as well as 400 foot trees with thorny roots and rough bark, rubbery "snake trees," trees with fine blood sucking fillaments, palms, ferns, vines and weeds. There are a number of animal eating plants, and almost all of the vegetation can directly absorb organic matter. The most intelligent inhabitants resemble muskrats (only uglier), and live in underground dens. The planetoid is also inhabited by a number of deadly creatures, including a poisonous fast moving black-green mold, six-legged water dogs (which are canabalisitic), web serpents (similar to a giant centipede which leaps into the air and glides on webs), small reptiles with posionous feet and regenerative powers, parasites, the Carniovra (a rock-like creature with a yellow fanged mouth 7 feet wide and powerful dull-brown tentacles), and the Ul-lul (a giant, intelligent amorphous amoeba). Unpleasant, but less dangerous inhabitants include water-spiders, swamp flies, and azornaks (large blubbery herbavores resembling a brontosaurus). The Mountains of Perdition are cool and more sparsely inhabited by native life (the main inhabitatns being agressive birds, and a brown lichen that secretes juices). On top of the mountains are the ruins of observatories, made up of pipes, and these are inhabited by telepathic blue-green cyst like creatures. [Planet of Dread by R.F. Starzl]

Jinx - A planet inhabited by four eyed creatures who live in small villages. [Planet Comics #21]

Jurasia (extreme planet) - A planet with at least one fortified city inhabited by intelligent humanoids. The planet is otherwise overrun by large dinosaur type creatures. [Wonder Comics #17]

Kalpan System - A system of 7 planets that revolve around the twin suns of Argo and Philee. The planets are inhabited by technologically advanced and mostly peaceful humanoids who have long been capable of interplanetary travel. The system is far from Earth.
*Kala - The captial planet of the Kalpan system. Its atmosphere is regulated by machines.
*Kalpo - A neutral planet.
*Myro - A planet hostile to Kala.

Karin (evil planet) - One of the "Black Planets of the Universe" is ruled by a dictatorship that considers weakness and sympathy to be crimes punishable by death. Murder, assault, theft and most other evils are considered perfectly legal. The capital city is in ruins and the last honest people on the planet are trying to flee. The rulers of the planet wish to spread their doctrine throughout the galaxy and they have built a machine that enhances a person's agression and inhibits their moral center for a matter of weeks. [Flash Gordon: Akim the Terrible]

Khatka (safari planet) - A planet similar to Africa in climate and geography. It was colonized by refugees from Africa after the Second Atomic War. The inhabitants are governed by an oligarchy, with allegiance to the "Five Famalies." The planet has become a destination spot for big game hunters. The citizens practice magic and have a strong preference for dark skin. People with light skin are subject to prejudice. Poachers are subject to a harsh penalty. [Voodoo Planet by Andrew North]

Klaxon - An asteroid covered with an exotic jungle. [Space Adventures #11]

Kor - A planet inhabited by the quartz men. [Planet Comics #44]

Kraneus - A small barren planetoid with no atmosphere, rich in Plutonium. It has a small pirate fueling station on it, but it gives off extremely dangerous levels of radiation. [Flash Gordon: The Claim Jumpers]

Krim (financial planet) - A planet colonized by humans, which boasts bustling financial activity. It has traffic jams, slums, tall new buildings and gracious public buildings. It is in the Nurmi Cluster, 5-7 days journey from the planet Walden. [Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster]

Kygpton - A very old and dying planet 4 billion miles in diameter, in a galaxy so far away that its light does not reach earth at all. It contain the rare element Sthalreh, and is inhabited by giant living metal creatures. [Raiders of the Universes by Donald Wandrei]

Lizoria - An earth-like planet. The human inhabitants are tall and thin, shave all the hair on their bodies and wear little clothing, though it is ornate. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]

Lorelana - A planet with large cities, inhabited by deadly siren creatures who can disguise themselves as humans. [Wonder Comics #18]

Lyra - A forbidden planet with rich uranium deposits. Its humanoid inhabitant are ruled by a monarchy and they have a quasi-Elizabethan culture. [Captain Video: The Swordsmen of Lyra]

Magnamata Galaxy - A galaxy of dead worlds, sometimes used for experimentation. The barren planets Bacchus, Isis, Mithra and Osiris were destroyed here. [Flash Gordon]

Mannin - A planetoid colonized by humans. [Amazing Mystery Funnies vol. 1 #3]

Manza - A remote planet once inhabited by the Icarians, until it was conquered by the invisible creature known as "Manza" who is now the planet's only inhabitant. [Space Patrol: 4.29 The Invisible Tyrant]

Maremma - A swamp covered planet inhabited by deadly creatures, including the Viperines, giant cobra-like serpents. [Planet Comics #59]

Margonia - An earth-like planet inhabited by peaceful humans, and protected by Arpalones. It orbits Beta Centauri Five. It has tremendous oceans and six great continents in addition to polar ice-caps. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]
--Nargoda - The biggest continent and nation on Margonia. Margon is the name of the capital city, with Margon Base on the nearby coast. The inhabitants are building a starship.

Martoon - A planet inhabited by the plasmoids. [Planet Comics #43]

Maxim - A planet inhabited by agressive humanoids with cloaking technology. [Space Patrol: 2 The Phantom Fleet]

Metispherous - A planet largely covered by oceans. Intilligent humanoids live beneathe these seas in the Marine City. [Captain Video: The Space Hawk]

Mexady - A small planet inhabited by war-like and technologically advanced humanoids. [Star Comics #2]

Micralia - A world roughly half a meter in diameter inhabited by humanoids the size of bacteria. [Planet Comics #38]

Mimir - A planet "swarming with a race of semi-intelligent quasi-rodents, murderous, treacherous, utterly vicious." [Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper]

Minos - A planet inhabited by hostile green creatures with tentacle-like arms. [Amazing Adventures #3]

Mongo - A planet inhabited by relatively advanced four-armed humanoids who live in large cities. [Lightning Comics vol. 2 #1]

Mura - A once green planet inhabited by humanoids that became superheated, when subterranean fire creatures rose up through the fissures and conquered the planet with flame weapons. [Space War #17]

Mylos - A barren planetoid with no atmosphere, rich in Argonon. There is a small mining facilitiy on it. [Flash Gordon: The Claim Jumpers]

Nevia (water world) - A huge planet, almost entirely covered by water. It is the only planet in its system, orbiting a hot blue sun. The skies are usually clear during the day with torrential downpoors at night. It is inhabited by a number of intelligent water-breating and amphibious races, which frequently war with each other. The planet has very little iron, and the substance is considered a comodity more precious than gold. The dominant species of the planet has developed ships capable of faster than light travel and have set off in search of iron. This sepecies has built cities that breach the surface of the planet's waters. TOne city is described as, "a city whose buildings were flat-topped, hexagonal towers, exactly alike in size, shape, color, and material. These buildings were arranged as the cells of a honeycomb would be if each cell were separated from its neighbors by a relatively narrow channel of water, and all were built of the same white metal. Many bridges and more tubes extended through the air from building to building, and the watery "streets" teemed with swimmers, with surface craft, and with submarines." [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]

New Terra - Planet colonized by humans. [Greylorn by John Keith Laumer]

Nexor - A forest planet settled by humans, in the same system as Groth. [Planet Comics #33]

Nidhog - A planet which is "cold and foggy, its equatorial zone a gloomy marsh and the rest of the planet locked in eternal ice." [Uller Uprising by H. Beam Piper]

Noom - A planet colonized by humans that has a military dictatorship in the year 3000. Officers ride genetically engineered unicorns. [Sure Fire Comics #3]

Nux - A small, rocky planetoid with a breathable atmosphere.[Space Adventures]

Oceania - A planet largely comprised of silver waters. On land, there are glittering caverns and the "Mysterious Sands" which change humans into animal-like monsters. The humanoids who live on land are ruled by three disembodied heads who live in a great palace. [Planet Comics #61]

Odin - A planet colonized by humans that became the capital of the First Galactic Empire. It has wide grasslands and evergreen forests of pines. It has two moons: Hugin and Munin. It has a spaceport called The City of Asgard. [H. Beam Piper]

Oma - Planet inhabited by "globe men." [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Globe Men of Oma]

Orca [Captain Video: The Plunder of Orca]

Orcon (extreme planet) - A small planet with hot, moist atmosphere, in a distant galaxy on the far end of the universe from our own. It has warm bubbling chemical seas, an eratic, snake-like orbit and an irregular rotation so that days may be hours long or months long. It is inhabited by bird-men, who possess advanced technology. [The Winged Men of Orcon by David R. Sparks]

Orede - An earth-like planet half way between Weald and Dara, rich in heavy metals and home to a small mining colony from Weald. It also has a massive population of wild cattle. There is only one other planet orbiting its star. [Pariah Planet by Murray Leinster]

Orion - A dangerous jungle world where prisoners are forced to work. Inhabited by centaurs, Kangarans and poisonous lizards. [Planet Comics #35]

Paladnor - The prison planet of the universe. It has sparse vegetation, pterodactyl like creatures, and volcanos. [Planet Comics #58]

Parun - A mountainous world inhabited by "war-mad" people who are ruled by the War Queen Morla. [Planet Comics #15]

Pax - A peaceful planet. [Planet Comics #28]

Petreac - A planet inhabited by humans, and controlled by the Potentate and the frivolous Nenni caste. It has casinos and high society, but it is not considered particularly advanced or enlightened. It has waged many petty wars with its neighbor, Rotune. [Gambler's World by John Keith Laumer]

Pharaoh - A planet on which a beautiful flowers with deadly vines, a voracious appetite and amazing regenerative properties is dominant over all other forms of life. [Space Adventures #8]

Pharisees - An asteroid with a breathable atmosphere and tropical jungles. It is inhabited by the cute but deadly little "winkies" and the fierce looking "piranosaurs" who keep their population in check. [Space Adventures #8]

Planet H - A water world. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Plan of Planet H]

Planetoid R - A rocky, cratered planetoid inhabited by the blind, hairy, subterranean "Mummy People" who are led by King Zog. They are guided by baboonlike creatures. [Planet Comics #61]

Planetoid Zero - A desolate planetoid with fissures that excrete a gas that will knock humans unconcious. It is inhabited by giant humanoids with two faces. [Planet Comics #12]

Poictesme - An earth-like planet colonized by humans around 2550. It is a Member Republic in the Terran Federation. It was primarily an agricultural planet, but was used as an advance base for the Third Fleet-Army Force during the System States War. A great deal of military hardware was simply left on the planet making it "The Junkyard Planet." Among other things, a powerful tactical computer named Merlin is rumored to have been left on the planet. It is about two months distant from the planet Odin. [Cosmic Computer by H. Beam Piper]
--Calder Range - A jagged granite mountain range between near Litchfield.
--Gordon Valley - Below the Calder Range.
--Litchfield - A small town in the Big Bend, two hours from Storisende. It has an airport, distilleries and a mall.
--Storisende - A major metropolis and space port.

Ponthis System - A system with sixteen equal-sized planets, each with a single satellite. They are inhabited by crude vegetation, including the blue hensorr trees, but not currently inhabited by animal life. In order the planets are: Coulora, Jama, Tenethon, Mokrell, R-9, Stragella, R-12 and R-14. [The Long Voyage]
*Nizar - The largest planet in the system. It has heavy top soil, weeds that seem to sing in the wind, and is inhabited by lizard-birds. There are ruins of a large temple with triangular doors and architecture.

Procyon IV - A hot, desolate planet in a distant region of space. Water is scarce, and the inhabitants destroyed their once great civilization with nuclear war. It is about 11.4 lightyears from Earth. [Space Patrol: 5.7 The Wild Men Of Procyon]

Pyrrus (extreme planet) - One of the harshest of all the colonized planets. Its gravity is nearly twice that of earth and it has an axial tilt of 42 degrees, resulting in some of the most extreme weather of any colonized planet. The climate varries from arctic to tropical in a single day. It has two moons, Samas and Bessos which create giant thrity meter tides in the ocean. The planet has unceasing volcanic activity. It is rich in heavy metals. A self sustained mining colony has been established on the planet, but the average life expectancy of the inhabitants is 16 years. The native life forms are described as: "armor-plated, poisonous, claw-tipped and fanged-mouthed. That describes everything that walks, flaps or just sits and grows." Even the plants have teeth. [Deathworld by Harry Harrison]

Raau - A jungle planet inhabited by humanoids who live in huts and worhip the god Urr. [Planet Comics #31]

Ragnarok (extreme planet) - An unforbidding planet with 1.5 times earth's gravity, inhabited by fierce beasts such as the prowlers (the dominant species), the unicorns and the swamp crawlers. [Space Prison by Tom Godwin]

Roald - A planet that orbits the star Wolf 359, with 2.7 times the gravity of earth. It was terra-formed and colonized by humans (its natural atmosphere is low on oxygen). The first colony became Roald City. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: The Space Pioneers]

Ronda - A planet in Galaxy 101 inhabited by yellow skinned, pointy eared humanoids who sought to conquer other planets because they could not support their own population on Ronda alone. [Space War #17]

Rotune - A planet with a developing civilization. It's people are considered backward and beligenerant. It has waged many petty wars with its neighbor, Petreac. [Gambler's World by John Keith Laumer]

Sargol - A planet about a quarter of the galaxy away from Earth, that exports exotic scented products, and the unique Koros stones. [Plague Ship by Andre Norton]

Sennech - An icy planet, inhabited by human colonists from Coar. It has towns, cities (including Capitol City), blue artifical lakes, and forests of hardy conifers from Teyr. It is the fifth planet in the system and dominated by the rule of Coar. It was largely destroyed by a superweapon, when it rose in revolt against Coar. [Tulan by Carroll Mather Capps]

Sirius Star System - The second closest star system to earth, only 8.6 light years away.
*Iosia - A planet inhabited by Sirian settlers, but laregely ruled by the Terran Empire. [Robert William Cole]
*Jarga - A planet orbiting the star Sirius, inhabited by primitive Wojos. It was colonized by humans. [Space Adventures]
*Kairet - A planet orbiting the star Sirius which has a vast empire in 2236. [Robert William Cole]
*Margino - An earth-like planet orbiting the star Sirius which is roughly the size of Jupiter. It is subject to massive volcanic erruptions which can swallow an entire city in lava. It is inhabitted by black giant humanoids who ride six legged horses, the Graymum who are blue skinned humanoids who perform human sacrafices. There are also giant riding birds and humanoid inhabitants who wear blue robes and have interstellar air ships. [Two Boys' Trip to an Unknown Planet by Francis Worcester Doughty] *Palos - The major planet of the Sirian system. Tamarizia is the largest kingdom, where the human-like people worship the god Zitu. They are opposed by the Zollarians. [John Ulrich Giesy]
*Sirius IV - The first planet colonized by humans outside the Solar System. [Space Patrol: 2 Three Exiles]

The Space Lorelei - An asteroid, about a half mile in diameter, with a female face carved onto its surface. Inside are stasis pods filled with beautiful women and giant spiders which guard them. [Fantastic Worlds #6]

The Sword Worlds - Planets colonized by 10,000 human refuges from Abigor, a planet on the loosing side of The System States War. It is far beyond the boundaries of the Terran Federation, leaving them largely isolated. The population grew to three and a half billion, organized in a feudal system of kingdoms, duchies, and other small states, ruled by frequently-warring noblemen. [Space Viking by H. Beam Piper]
*Amaterasu - A technologically advanced world. It has sizable deposits of gadolinium, but no plutonium. It enters into a partnership with Beowulf.
*Beowulf - A technologically advanced world, lacking only interstellar space flight. It has deposits of plutonium, but no gadolinium, an essential element for hyperdrive engines.
*Curtana - The planet on which the city Windsor is located. It is 2000 hours from the nearest planet of the Terran Federation.
*Dagon - A planet used as a base by space vikings.
*Durendal - Controlled by a royal house in which the princes are at war with each other.
*Excalibur - The first of the "Sword Worlds" colonized by human refugees from Abigor.
*Gram - Colonized from Haulteclere.
*Haulteclere - Colonized from Joyeuse.
*Hoth - A planet used as a base by space vikings.
*Joyeuse - Colonized from Excalibur.
*Khepera - A planet with low defenses and not much to take.
*Marduk - A civilized world ruled by a royal family.
*Morglay - had been involved in dynastic wars.
*Nergal - A planet inhabited by brown skinned people. It is used as a base by space vikings.
*Tanith - A primitive planet.
*Tizona - A planet inhabited by "girrafe-birds."
*Xochitl - A planet used as a base by space vikings.

Synthios - A planet inhabited by humans and ruled by a monarchy. It specialized in the manufacture and sale of android workers, but around 2860, the king shut down production, believing that the androids were a threat to humanity. He ordered the androids to be sealed in vaults. The power source for the android command center, located beneathe a mountain, was shut down, and its location kept a secret. [Flash Gordon: The Return of the Androids]

Talus III - A planet inhabited by blue skinned humanoids with large heads who ride giant Geese-like creatures. [Space War #2]

Tarset - A rugged planet that supported an ancient civilization, but is now mostly dead. There are massive subterranean catacombs with stone walls, pillars and the dried remains of dead vines. Deep in the catacombs is the cursed tomb of Belphegor, guarded by its hideous one-eyed idol. In addition to the idol's deadly eye beam, the tomb includes trap doors and moving walls. [Flash Gordon: The Planet of Death]

Telemos - A planet inhabited by humanoids with a peaceful and technologically advanced society. They have never had a war. [Space Action #1]

Teyr - A forest planet, mostly wild, inhabited by the Aum. It has a few human colonies from Coar and Sennech. It is the third planet in the system. [Tulan by Carroll Mather Capps]
*Luhin - The Moon of Teyr. It is colonized.

Thaker - An earth-like planet inhabited by peaceful humans. The are building a starship. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]

Therma - A rocky, uncharted world, rich in atomite and inhabited by the primitve "Fire-Mime" creatures. [Planet Comics #46]

Theta Gisol System - A star system with a gas giant calimed by the Plumie race and a planet with an oxygen atmosphere, claimed by humans. [The Aliens by Murray Leinster]

Theta N-1 - A small planetoid that is nearly lifeless except for a small jungle oasis, which is inhabited by snakes, rodents, spiders, alligators, primates, lions and other wild cats. [Flash Gordon: The Forbidden Experiment]

Thetis - An earth-like planet. [Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster]

Thor - A planet of conquerors. [Planet Comics #32]

Tok - A desolate planetoid with a space port and taverns. [Planet Comics #28]

Tolophon - A mysterious planet in the deep uncharted regions of space, considered too difficult to reach. It served as the secret location for a school of crime. [Planet Comics #55]

Torion - A planet inhabited by agressive humanoids with a paralyzing hypnotic power. [Captain Video: The Power of Leonis]

Tormance - A planet orbiting the double stars Branchspell and Alppain, which we believe to be "Arcturus." It is about 36.7 lightyears from earth. Humans can not survive in this planet's atmosphere without genetic modification. [A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay]

Tralee (political planet) - A human planet where political treaties are signed. [Pariah Planet by Murray Leinster]

Vada - A planet inhabited by technologically advanced humanoids in some distant part of the universe. It was destroyed by a rogue star, but it's people escaped in a disc shaped flying city. The inhabitants are about 4 feet tall, with leathery faces, and completely bald. [The Flying City by H. Thompson Rich]

Valsuvia - A planet inhabited by blue skinned humanoids and black gorilloids. The humanoids have transparent metal, ride giant birds and whistle instead of laughing. [Off the Earth by John Q. Mawhinney]

Vanam - A civilized planet ruled by the Nazim. [Planet Comics #25]

Varz - A planetoid settled by humans. [Planet Comics #32]

Vegeto - A planet inhabited by intelligent and extremely dangerous plants. No human has ever returned from the planet alive. [Planet Comics #4]

Viro - A planet inhabited by a war-like race, which was destroyed in an experiment by the Viran general Kalthaer. [National Comics #1]

Vita - The homeworld of a race of humanoid slavers. [Planet Comics #32]

Volcus - A blazing planet, still in it's formative stage, with only one settlement where humans are turned into automaton soldiers. [Planet Comics #1]

Volta - A planet inhabited by a war-like race that conquered much of the galaxy in the 33rd century. It is protected by a force field, and has a large capital palace made of steel. [Planet Comics #22]

Vulca - An asteroid in deep space where humans have set up labratory stations. It has a breathable atmosphere, exotic plant life and a mountain made of crystal called "Diamond Mountain." There are no ships on it capable of reaching another inhabited body. [Space Adventures #8]

Vuur - A jungle planet with a thick, cloudy atmosphere, inhabited by armadilloids and dragons. It is considered extremely dangerous. There are no humans except for the workers at a "hydrocean" facility which is terraforming the planet. [Planet Comics #27]

Walden (wealthy planet) - An earth-like planet colonized by humans. The inhabitants are very prosperous and judgemental and do not believe in charity. "Outside the capital city its spaceport received shipments of luxuries and raw materials from halfway across the galaxy. Its landing grid reared skyward and tapped the planet's ionosphere for power with which to hoist ships to clear space and pluck down others from emptiness. There was commerce and manufacture and wealth and culture, and Walden modestly admitted that its standard of living was the highest in the Nurmi Cluster. Its citizens had no reason to worry about anything but a supply of tranquilizers to enable them to stand the boredom of their lives." [Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster]

Wandl (wandering planetoid) - A small planetoid (about 432 miles in diameter) that can be moved by its inhabitants, who are small creatures with large brains and telepathic powers.  They serve as a conquering force for a more powerful planet in their own system. [Raymond King Cummings]

Weald - A planet colonized by humans with an irrational hatred of the "blueskins" on the nearby planet Dara. [Pariah Planet by Murray Leinster]

Xandru - A planet settled by humans, who are all killed by gas around 2700. [Planet Comics #30]

Xanthia - A world colonized by humans, with Greco-Roman arcitecture. [Planet Comics #59]

Xarto - A nightmarish jungle planet inhabited by man-eating plants. [Space Adventures #11]

Xaxta - A desert planet settled by humans. The wealthiest humans in the galaxy live in Lekkon Land and great treasures are guarded by warriors in the Valley of Tombs, where the rich are buried with their possessions. [Planet Comics #30]

Xecho (water world) - A hot, steam covered ocean world with only a few small islands. It is in the same system as Khatka. [Voodoo Planet by Andrew North]

Xer - Humans who live on this planet for more than six months become dependant on its atmosphere and can never leave. [Planet Comics #34]

Xeron - A prison planet. [Planet Comics #33]

Xerxes - A planet ruled by androids. [Space Adventures #10]

Xerxes - A planet ruled by a monarchy. [Flash Gordon: The Frightened King]

Xlarbti (wandering planet) - A huge artificial world, which is composed entirely of Sthalreh, built by the inhabitants of Kygpton. It has propulsion systems that accelerate it many times the speed of light. It has a smooth black surface. [Raiders of the Universes by Donald Wandrei]

Xollar - A planet in the Andromeda galaxy, a million light years from earth. The inhabitants are highly intelligent creatures with short black torsos and long, black, snake-like tentacles. They are ruled by The Council of Three who oversee an empire. The planet is near interdimensional portals that make it a nexus to at least seven worlds. Like its neighboring planets, it has an atmosphere of purple mist, that would be immediately fatal to humans. [Zehru of Xollar by Hal K. Wells]

Yill - An earth-like planet near the Sirenian System. It has a blue sun. It is inhabited by tall gray skinned humanoids with short necks. [The Yillian Way by John Keith Laumer]

z'Srauff Star Cluster - A cluster of systems near New Texas, about 42 lightyears from Earth. It is inhabited by the dog-like humanoids known as the z'Srauff. [A Planet for Texans by H. Beam Piper]

Zajar - Planet inhabited by yellow skinned humanoids with fins who can create android decoys and want to conquer the Earth. [Space War #17]

Zan (pirate planet) - A planet that hosts a very poor human colony, mostly farmers. There is little entertainment. It is home to pirates and criminals, but because of the reputation of the planet, the inhabitants try to act extra innocent. [Pirates of Ersatz by Murray Leinster]

Zev - A planetoid settled by humans and ruled by a royal family. The people are heavily and unfairly taxed. [Planet Comics #22]

Zod - Homeworld of the Zodian Devils. Shares an orbit around the star Algol with its sister planet Dox, about 93 light years from Earth. [Space Adventures #4]

Zog - A forest planet inhabited by humanoids. [Planet Comics #20]

Zu - A planet on which once-proud humans have been enslaved by the "Great Intelligence" that hears all, sees all and uses robot enforcers. [Planet Comics #4]

Zuro - A small uninhabited Earth-like planet, a great distance from Earth, which is rich in Burnium, the element used to make death rays. [Planet Comics #4]

Zutarn - An earth-like planet inhabited by greenish "imps" who live in cities with spiraling architecture. [Fantastic Comics #20]

Zylmarx - A planet inhabited by hostile humanoids. [Boy Comics #89]

The Solar System
*Alkar - The legendary black planet lying beyond the orbit of Neptune. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: The Mystery of Alkar]
*Barsoom - An alternate version of Mars, inhabited by a number of competing humanoid races, who are at war with each other. [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
-Aanthor - A city of ancient ruins in the south of Barsoom, inhabited by the Dusar.
-Bantoom - A hidden valley and dwelling place of the Kaldanes and their Rykors.
-Gathol - A prominent city-state inhabited by Red Martians.
-Hastor - City-state inhabited by Red Martians.
-Helium - A prominent city-state inhabited by Red Martians, the historic enemy of Zodanga.
-Kaol - City-state inhabited by Red Martians.
-Korus - A lost sea in the Valley Dor, near the South Pole.
-Lothar -
-Manator - An isolated city-state inhabited by Red Martians. It is a technologically backward Red Martian civilization, which has no firearms or fliers, survives by raiding caravans and prevents anyone from leaving their society. They have two distinctive traditions, firstly a habit of displaying the dead, covered in ornaments, and secondly playing a live version of the Martian chess, Jetan. In Manator, captives are forced to a fight to the death in the arena, in a modified version of Jetan, a popular Barsoomian board game resembling Chess; the living version uses people as the game pieces on a life-sized board, with each taking of a piece being a duel to the death.
-Omean - An underground sea below the lost sea of Korus and the Valley Dor, all located near the South Pole.
-Ptarth - City-state inhabited by Red Martians.
-River Iss - Inhabited by Plant Men, runs through Valley Dor.
-Valley Dor - A vealley near the south pole of Barsoon, which no one ever escapes from. Condisered the Barsoomian afterlife.
-Zodanga - A prominent city-state inhabited by Red Martians, the historic enemy of Helium.
*Bloodu - A hollow planet with wide plateaus, that glows red. It is inhabited by the subterranean "super leeches" (humanoid leeches) and their trained "trekurs." [Fantastic Comics #8]
*Clavo - Planet with an eccentric orbit that passes through our solar system. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Monkey That Couldn't Stop Growing]
*Devil's Asteroid - An asteroid roughly 19 miles in diameter, between Mars and Jupiter. It has artificial gravity generators in the center, approximating earth's gravity. It is covered with lush jungles, and an earth-like atmosphere. It serves as an island of exile for criminals of Earth convicted by the Martian government. The exiles live in grass huts, and the newest member is always the leader of the group, as the men are slowly devolving into beasts on the planet. [The Devil's Asteroid by Manly Wade Wellman]
*Doba - An asteroid with an artificial atmosphere. [Space Adventures #4]
*Epsilon XXX - A planetoid with an atmosphere that lies between Earth and Mars. [Flash Gordon: The Race Against Time]
*Gallia - A cold, but inhabitable comet that is 2300km in diameter. [Jules Verne]
*Gamma-3 - An asteroid on which a recreational space station has been built as a rest stop. [Space Adventures #1]
*Gudrun - A planet who's viking-like inhabitants were once at war with Pluto. [Planet Comics #27]
*Higgins Planetoid - A planetoid in our solar system, where the Carnacans left a weapon powerful enough to destroy the galaxy. [Space Patrol: 1.32 The Dangerous Discovery]
*Kano - A planet inhabited by technologically advanced humanoids. It is 23 billion miles from Earth. [Space Adventures #16]
*Lilith - An invisible planet near Earth's moon that serves as a refuge for all the evil spirits in the universe. [Mystery Comics #1]
*Marduk, The Jinx Planet - A hollow volcanic planet, surrounded by thick clouds at the outer edge of our system. It's surface is icy, and it is rich in iron ore. It is ruled by Karmud, and he uses a metal globe in the center of the planet to draw in passing ships and make their passangers into slaves for his mines. [Space Adventures #3]
*Minerva - Alternative name for earth. In the 26th Century, its capital is "New Minerva." [Space Adventures #1]
*Morehouse V - A newly colonized planetoid. It is on a trajectory to pass so closely to the sun that no one on the planetoid will survive. [Space Patrol: 2 Explosion on Morehouse V]
*Olympus - A massive planet on the edge of our solar system. It has a mean distance of 11,400,799,642 miles from the Sun (about 4 times the distance of Pluto), and orbits the Sun in 1311 years, 294 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 9 seconds. [In the Year 2889 by Jules Verne]
*Paira - A watery planet that maintains the exact same orbit as earth, which is always on the far side of the sun. [Warning From Space]
*Pax - An asteroid colonized by humans fleeing a nuclear war on earth. They built a large city on the asteroid, intended to be a peaceful utopian society. [Fantastic Worlds #5]
*Phaëton - The planet that once existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, until it was destroyed and became an asteroid belt. [speculation]
*Planeria Rex - A "new world" in our system, which serves as the capital for the League of Planets. It is surrounded by asteroids. [The Planet Man]
*Planetoid 50 - A comet-like panetoid that passes the Earth every seven years or so. It is rich in Alurim. Covered in jungles and inhabited by small intelligent humanoids and the Xill, aka "Space Gods." [Strange Worlds #7] *Planetoid 91 - A planetoid traveling in a strange elliptical orbit on the edge of our solar system. The planetoid has industrial complexes that are operated entirely under water. [Space Patrol: 2 Underwater Treachery]
*Planet X - A planet estimated to be five-thousand times the size of Earth. It is shrouded in swirling mists and covered by a dense, impenetrable jungle. It is inhabited by dinosaurs, cave-men, giant metal-eating worms, ice demons, and man-eating wolf plants. In the Valley of Illusion, nothing is what it seems to be. There are valuable mineral ores in its great caverns. [Space Patrol: 3 The Mystery of Planet X]
*Poesia (Planetoid 946) - Inhabited by the subterranean "Octopus-Kings". Named after Edgar Allen Poe. [Strange Worlds #2]
*Sirion - A planet on the rim of our system colonized by humans. [Space Action #1]
*Tellus - Alternative name for earth, mainly used by EE Smith.
*Terra - Alternative name for earth. In the Space Patrol series, Terra was an artificial planet, with the intergalactic government convening in Terra City. [Space Patrol]
*Vulcan - A volcanic planet, inhabited by the "fire men" (creatures made of fire). The planet was discovered in 1990 and it is 23 million miles from the sun (inside the orbit of Mercury). [Amazing Adventures #2]
-Vulcan's Workshop - The most feared prison in the solar system, where Martians send the worst offenders. [Vulcan's Workshop by Harl Vincent]
*Yuggoth (planet of powerful beings) - May either be a version of Pluto or a mysterious tenth planet on the edge of our solar system. Described by Lovecraft as, "a strange dark orb at the very rim of our solar system... There are mighty cities on Yuggoth—great tiers of terraced towers built of black stone... The sun shines there no brighter than a star, but the beings need no light. They have other subtler senses, and put no windows in their great houses and temples... The black rivers of pitch that flow under those mysterious cyclopean bridges—things built by some elder race extinct and forgotten before the beings came to Yuggoth from the ultimate voids—ought to be enough to make any man a Dante or Poe if he can keep sane long enough to tell what he has seen..."
*Z-40 - An asteroid in the "Red Belt" of our solar system, about 20 miles in diameter with an oxygen atmosphere, lush tropial vegetation, large radium deposits, and a 6 hour rotation cycle. It has a 300 acre lake. It is also inhabited by a huge noctural three armed creature with silicon dioxide armor plating. [The Planetoid of Peril by Paul Ernst]

Low-Science Planetary Specualtion

Moon (Luna): Usually depicted as barren, but sometimes depicted as haveing a breathable atmosphere. It is said to be made of cheese. It is inhabited by Selenites, low-tech insectoids who live underground. [The First Men in the Moon by HG Wells]
-Luna City - A spaceport and great metropolis built by earth colonists on Mare Imbrium, the largest plain on Luna visible from earth. The intersection of Luna Drive and Moonset Land is in the heart of the city. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]

Mars: Usually depicted as a desert-like planet with criss-crossing water canals. Usually inhabited by a war-like race or formerly inhabited by a mysterious race who built the canals on the planet and then disappeared. [Across the Zodiac, Journey to Mars the Wonderful World, Lieutenant Gullivar Jones: His Vacation]
-Assorian Ruins - Former temples of an ancient Martian race. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]
-Canali - The capital city of Mars. [Space Patrol: 1.18 Mysterious Mission to Canali]
-Caskia - A state north of Paleveria which has a more co-operative and egalitarian social and economic order. Its people cultivate intellectual, artistic, and spiritual qualities. [Unveiling a Parallel by Alice Ilgenfritz Jones & Ella Merchant]
--Lunismar - The capital city.
-The Desert of Candor - A desert of orange sand, northwest of the Tithonius Lacus Lowland. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
--Canfell Hydroponic Farm - Consists of four white stone buildings in the middle of the Desert of Candor. It was used for human experimentation.
--Ophir - A human colony built beneath a shining dome, south of the farm. It has a police force.
-Edom - A human colony built beneath a dome in the Aeria Desert, east of Mars City, beyond the Syrtis Major Lowland. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Ferrok-Shahn - The capital city of the Martian Union. It has red and green miniarettes. It is between the Central Canal and the "Mushroom Mountains." [Raymond King Cummings]
-Gormona - A city state with a powerful military. [Planet Comics #10]
-Gray Mountains - A sharp edged mountain range in the Martian desert, not far from South Tarog. A tall, cylindrical fortress was built here by humans. [The Martian Cabal by Roman Frederick Starzl]
-Hesperidum - A human colony built beneath a shining dome about 8,000 kilometers southwest of Mars City which includes the South Ausonia Art Shop. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Icaria Desert - A desert on the far side of the planet from Mars City, where rebels have set up living domes. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Kakar - A British settlement, with a train station and an outpost in a outer region called Bashar. [Planet Comics #4]
-Kralik Mountains - Caves in the foothills served as a shelter for Earth's first settlers on Mars. [Space Patrol: 2 Danger on Mars]
-Mars City - A major city. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
--Stardust Trail - a tavern in a seedy region of the city. [Tara]
-Marsport - A domed city built by humans that serves as an interplanetary spaceport. It has slums sprawling out from it. [Police Your Planet by Lester del Rey]
-Martopolis - The largest city on Mars. It is built on the side on a hill rising from the waters of a great lake or canal. The buildings are tall and glittering, built of a light colored material and very ornate. The inhabitants are small and fast cratures covered with fur and feathers. [Through Space to Mars by Roy Rockwood]
-Morog - A city state ruled by a queen. They consider themselves the sworn enemies of Pacifa, and at one point, managed to destroy a good part of Pacifa. [Planet Comics]
-North Tarog - A city with domed buildings, on a small cultivated area along a canal in the middle of the desert. It is protected from attack by line of shield-ray projectors. Some locatoins include the Hotel of the Republic. [The Martian Cabal by Roman Frederick Starzl]
-Pacifa - A peaceful and progessive city state made of steel and ruled by a king. [Planet Comics]
-Paleveria - A republican and capitalist state with class divisions. The inhabitants are vegetarians who wear loose robes. Their homes (at least among the aristocrats) are classical and palatial, with marble floors and statuary, silk hangings, and frescoes on the walls. Women in Paleveria can vote, hold political office, and run businesses; they propose marriage to men, have sex with male prostitutes, and even participate in wrestling matches. [Unveiling a Parallel by Alice Ilgenfritz Jones & Ella Merchant]
--Thursia - A learning center of Paleveria.
-Red Valley - Inhabited by bat men AND deadly snakes. [Le Docteur Oméga by Arnould Galopin]
--City of Fire - Built by Macrocephales and ruled by a king.
-Ru - A city state ruled by a monarchy. [Planet Comics #1]
-Solis Lacus Lowland - A private resort area for humans 20,000km from Mars City. There is no police force, "no swimming, no boating, no skiing, no water and no snow. Just a vast expanse of salty ground, blanketed with gray-green canal sage and dotted with the plastic domes of the resort chateaus" including the Chateau Nectaris. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Temphi - An underground city that served as the capitol of the lost civilization of the Carnacans, who left the galaxy around the year 2000. [Space Patrol: 1.27 The Lost City of the Carnacans]
-Thaumasia Foelix Desert - Desert northwest of Solis Lacus. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Tithonius Lacus Lowland - Region between the Thaumasia Desert and the Desert of Candor. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Wastelands of Kralic [Space Patrol: 1.29 The Legend of Wild Man's Ridge]
-Xanthe Desert - A wide, barren desert of red sand, with no stones or plantlife. [Rebels of the Red Planet by Charles Louis Fontenay]
--Ultra Vires - A tall fortified city in the desert, built with black stone. The buildings have few windows and humans are experimented on in labs. It is now abandoned.
-Xanthus - A city of small pyramids, cut by a canal inhabited by tentacled "dream-beasts." [A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum]

Mercury: Usually depicted as a desert-like planet with some forests and lakes. Usually inhabited by primitive monsters and dinosaurs. Humanoid inhabitants are almost always depicted as hostile.
-The Light Country - A country in the Valley of the Sun, which is mostly level marshland with a semi-tropic jungle, partially inundated with water. It is populated by small towns. [The Fire People by Ray Cummings]
--The Great City - The largest city on Mercury, built on a huge circular mound shaped mountain, which rises from a vast plane. The city has broad streets, with houses on both sides hidden undre thick groves of palms. There is a tropical garden at the center of the city at the top of the mountain. The city is surrounded by about 5 miles of wet, muddy fertile land, populated by palms and tropical vegetation. There is a road built through this region on an embankment about 8-10 feet high and lined with plam trees.
--The Water City - The second largest city on Mercury. It is on a lake which is roughly 5-6 miles wide. It consists mostly of palm-thatched shacks built upon platforms raised above the water on stilts. There are several small islands on the lake, covered in palms and a castle in the center that rises two stories above the water. The sides of the lake slope up, and are covered with fertile land which is cultivated. A great river, about 10 feet deep feeds into the lake.
-The Fire Country - A country largely uninhabited, due to the intense heat. Ruins remain of the dark skinned people who once lived there. [The Fire People by Ray Cummings]
-The Narrow Sea - A sea that lies between The Light Country and The Twilight Country. [The Fire People by Ray Cummings]
-Solaria - A human colony. [Space Patrol: The City of the Sun]
-The Twilight Country - A barren, frigid wasteland which is usually covered in night, but is densely populated. [The Fire People by Ray Cummings]
--The Lone City - A city on the banks of the Narrow Sea.

Venus: Usually depicted as a hot, lush jungle planet with with muddy swamps and inhabited by dangerous vegetation and savage fauna.  Sometimes depicted as a paradise with beautiful amazonian women.  Sometimes depicted as a refuge for outlaws.  Sometimes depicted as a vacation spot and game preserve for interplanetary adventurers. [Columbus of Space, The Great Romance, Journey to Venus the Primeval World, To Venus in Five Seconds]
-Caloric Ocean - A huge ocean in the Western Hemisphere. [Space Patrol: 4 The Giant Marine Clam]
-Cydonia Jungle - Jungle ruled by Queen Riva and her tribe of Amazon women. They make slaves of all strong men and destroy the weak ones. [Space Patrol: 4 The Amazons of Cydonia]
-Dust Bowl - A dry desert region where Exonium is mined. [Space Patrol: 2 Slaves of the Exonium Mine]
-Futuria - A human colony in the 30th Century.
-Great Serpent Range - A winding mountain range from which springs the Mud River. [Foundling On Venus by John & Dorothy de Courcy]
-Grebhar - The capital city of the Venus Free State, near the shiny Silver Forest. [Raymond King Cummings]
-Lake Azure - A popular spaceport and vacation spot. [Space Patrol: 1.12 A Vacation at Lake Azure]
-Mogi Jungle - An especially dangerous jungle that few have returned from. [Space Patrol: 1.48 Jungle of No Return]
-New Reno - A loud, boisterous city built as a human colony for miners and other rough men in a muddy region. [Foundling On Venus by John & Dorothy de Courcy]
-Phantom Haven - A village hidden deep in the jungles, which serves as a refuge for outlaws and fugitives. It was founded by Haneesh and the Brotherhood of Space. [Wonder Comics #15]
-Vanam - Capital of Venus, as established by human colonists. Ruled by a monarchy. It is surrounded by "magneto trees". [Planet Comics]
-Venusport - A spaceport built by human colonists. It has "towering Titan crystal buildings" rise above the misty atmosphere to catch the sunlight. There are secondhand shops along "Spaceman's Row," ten blocks of the city shunned by the locals, where unsavory characters conduct underground business. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]
-Woom-la - A civilization nestled in a massive volcanic crater on a remote island in a vast sea. The climate is perpetually warm with blue skies. The peaks of the crater extend into the clouds and water condenses on them, and dribbles down in streams into a central lake. It has frequent rains and lush vegetation. There is gold, silver, copper, tin, and iron, granite, marble, diamond, ruby, sapphire, topaz, emerald, garnet, opal and turquoise, as well as stones and metals unknown to earth, of striking color. The land is inhabited by reptiles, fish, coral and classically beautiful humanoids with skin complexions ranging from "a dazzling blonde to an olive-green brunette." They love nature and are vegetarians eating only fruits, nuts, edible flowers, grain, herbs, gums, and roots, which are in great profusion. They are "bright, witty, and ingenious, as well as guileless, chaste, and happy" people who wear robes and live an easy life. "They live almost exempt from disease, or pain, or crime, and finally die in peace at the good old age of a hundred or a hundred and fifty years." [A Trip to Venus by John Munro]

Ceres: Inhabited by humanoids that are 40 feet tall due to low gravity. They are at war with the Martians. [Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett P. Serviss]
Hermes: An asteroid in our solar system used as a prison. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: Terror in the Space Lighthouse]
Juno [Space Adventures #4]
Themis: Inhabited by a cyclops. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: Cyclops of Themis]

Jupiter: Sometimes depicted as an earthlike planet, settled by humans, but most often inhabited by hostile aliens. The native creatures of Jupiter are usually gigantic.
-Cornicus - A large, remote crater. [Space Patrol: 1.5 The Ivory of Death]
-Flaming Mountains [Auro in Planet Comics]
-Iraz - A dictatorship, run from its capital city Temlu.
-Namoa - The no man's land. [Auro in Planet Comics]
-Red Lake - A lake in a frigid mountain region of Jupiter. The lake freezes over and hosts a Winter Resort. [Space Patrol: 1.16 Under The Red Lake Of Jupiter]
-Tando Region [Auro in Planet Comics]
-Vorkulia - A large city in the southern polar region, shaped like a seven pointed star, with a huge tower in the center. It is a very colorful city and it is surrounded by a tall blue-green metal wall which seperates it from the jovian jungle. It is inhabited by flying snake creatures. [Spacehounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
-Xalia - A kingdom threatened by Iraz.
-Yasgadar - a small village. [Auro in Planet Comics]
*Callisto: Home to a small human colony and its Uranium refineries. [The Indulgence of Negu Mah by Robert Andrew Arthur]
*Europa: The Redemption Cairn is a depression in which oxygen has settled. It is inhabited by "baldder-birds" who carry a supply of air with them. [The Redemption Cairn by Stanley Grauman Weinbaum]
*Ganyemede: Sometimes depicted as an earth-like world, promising for human settlement. [Spacehounds of IPC by E. E. Smith ]
-Jupiter's View - A domed human colony with a Saloon called "The Golden Satellite." [The Jupiter Weapon by Charles Louis Fontenay]
-Prometheus - An obsolete space station orbiting Ganymede in the 30th Century. It is scheduled to be destroyed by Space Safety. [Space Patrol: 1.40 Prometheus Bound for Destruction]
*Iapetus [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Eel of Iapetus]
*Io: Sometimes depicted as an earth-like world, promising for human settlement. [Spacehounds of IPC by E. E. Smith ]

Iona - Inhabited by a race of plantlike humanoids. [Captain Video: The Green King]

Saturn: Usually depicted as the home of strange hostile aliens, such as the "Amoeba Men."
-Crossbone Castle - A fortress protected by the warrior Tiger Hart. [Planet Comics #2]
*Pan - A small moon of settled by humans who built great temples, it was once inhabited by giant Blosts. [Planet Comics #29]
*Titan: Usually depicted as a cold, cloudy, barren and largely uninviting world, usually the home of human mining colonies. It is inhabited by "Frog Men." [Silver Streak Comics]
-Security Detention Colony - A maximum security prison. [Space Patrol: 2 Trouble on Titan]
-Todd Station - A privately owned spaceport. [Space Patrol: 3 The Fraud of Titan]
*Xauk - A fictional fifth moon of Saturn. It has giant trees and a race of Amazonian warrior women led by Queen Thaya. They keep the men in the mines, where Zor fish and jellyfish swim through the thick atmosphere. [Planet Comics #22]

Neptune: Usually depicted as a water world with little or no land.
-Aquaga - A fortified city beneathe the sea, inhabited by the vicious shark men and their sea spiders. [Planet Comics #1]
-Coraam - A kingdom built on an island of corral. It is near a large tropical valley with diverse wildlife and active volcanos. [Reef Ryan in Planet Comics]
-Grax Mountains - A range of mountains with huge caves, inhabited by primitive green humanoids, giant plants and a dangerous white protoplasmic creature called The Creeping Death. Used as a hideout by space pirates. [Spacehawk in Target Comics]
-Guirtha - A city state. [Reef Ryan in Planet Comics]
-Noom - A kingdom ruled by a Queen who lives in a great castle upon a mountain. [Spacehawk in Target Comics]
--Ojah Valley - A valley of Noom that is rich in mineral resources. [Spacehawk in Target Comics]
-Pok - A city state. [Reef Ryan in Planet Comics]
-River Meg [Reef Ryan in Planet Comics]
-Xalan - A strange city with large fortified structures built on cliffs. It is ruled by a "Tab" or "Tabess." Monetary unit is called a "Rad." [Reef Ryan in Planet Comics]
*Hyperion - A watery world inhabited by short creatures with large heads who live in cities with canals. There are also swamps inhabited by gator-like creatures. [Planet Comics #39]
*Triton - Inhabited by deadly "strangler" trees. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: The Strangler Trees of Triton]

Uranus: In Planet Comics, it was depicted as a planet covered with forests.
-Foressa - A city built upon giant trees and ruled by a king. [Planet Comics #18]

Pluto: Usually depicted as a cold, desolate outpost, with secret bases and hideouts.
-Delonia - Kingdom ruled by Queen Anyana. [Space Adventures #2]
-Glassberg of EO - Huge glassberg inhabited by intelligent white gorillas. It is located in a large icy sea. [Norge Benson in Planet Comics]
-Morehouse Observatory [Space Patrol: 1.50 The Sacrafice]
-Pluto City - Largely inhabited by intelligent penguins, it is the capital of the peaceful, snow covered planet. [Norge Benson in Planet Comics]
-Plutox - A city state ruled by a king. [Planet Comics]

The Sun: There was apparently some theory that the surface of the sun was not that hot, or at least, not on sunspots.
-Pyropolis - A military city state on the sun, ruled by Solaris and the Thermodons who can fly. [Wonder Comics #15]
-Univania - A peaceful city state on the sun, beyond the "Desert of Despair." It has no king and no laws and is nearly helpless against Pyropolis. [Wonder Comics #15]

Hypothetical Planets: Gaga, Nibiru, Phaeton, Planet V, Planet X, Theia, Tiamat and Vulcan.



These worlds occupy the same time and space as our earth, but have different characteristics.

Arret - A parallel version of earth, where protons are negative and electrons are positive. Matter from our world can only exist in Arret for about 12 hours, before it is converted to Arretian atomic structure. Nearly everything in this world from the soil to the sky is a shade of red. However, a blue flame, possibly electrical rises from the earth in some places. The native vegetation, which is red, grows globuals and glossy spheres rather than leaves. Arret is inhabited by thousands of "rat-men" with a primitive civilization and by "Devil Crystals." Devil Crystals are translucent carniverous crystals, that can slowly crawl, and make a tinkling sound while devouring organic matter. They can also project a tentacle of filaments that wrap around their prey like a web. [Devil Crystals of Arret by Hal K. Wells]

Dimension X [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers: Invasion from Dimension X]

Flatland - A two-dimensional realm. There is a kind of gravity which pulls things southward, and rain falls from the north. The inhabitants are simple geometric shapes and they can only precieve lengths of lines. [Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbot]

Fourth Dimension - Almost always depicted as a strange universe of unfathomable monsters and bizzare landscapes. Human visitors are often precieved as "ghosts" in our own world. [various]

Paw World - A parallel universe in which the earth is inhabited by intelligent talking animals, most of whom walk on two legs. In this universe, dogs are the most common citizens of civilized nations, though talking cats, pigs, rabbits, mice, ducks and horses are also very common. Humans are rarely seen on this world, but are sometimes kept as pets.

"Tyrant World" - A parallel universe in which every character's personality is the opposite of what it is in most universes.  Although these characters had similar histories to their counterparts, they choose to make the opposite decisions in response to these events.  Therefore, all heroes are villains, and all villains are heroes.  The democracies of the world are now dictatorships, and dictatorships are the last bastions of hope for freedom, controlled by rebellious freedom fighters.

Thomahlia - A parallel version of earth in which the night sky is gray, with black points where the stars would be. It is ruled by a monarchy. [The Blind Spot by Austin Hall and Homer Eon Flint]

Vonya - A parallel version of earth, inhabited by cave-men, primitive human barbarians who speak perfect English, green skinned humanoids and humanoid "water-beasts" among other strange plants and creatures. [Prisoners Of The Lost Universe]



These worlds might be considered "pocket dimensions" within any given universe.  Their geography, though vast, is usually finite.  They may have a variety of access points, at real locations on earth or beyond the earth, but their geography, and their natural laws are generally incongruous to the geography and physical laws of any other plane.  Many of these worlds are tied to dreams and imagination, making their physical reality questionable.  Still, their physical manifestation may be made possible by the magic charms of their strange inhabitants (such as fairies, spirits and demons).

The Blazing World - A world inhabited by talking, humanoid animals who live in a utopian kingdom. [The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish]

-Slumberland, Land of Wonderful Dreams - A kingdom ruled by Morpheus [Winsor McCay]
-Sea of Dreams/City of Sleep [Rudyard Kipling]
-Celephaïs, Valley of Ooth-Nargai beside the Cerenerian Sea and Mount Aran [H.P. Lovecraft] 
-Road to the Celestial City - A road that leads to numerous allegorical locations including the Vanity Fair. [John Bunyan]
-Serannian, the cloud kingdom [H.P. Lovecraft]

Fairyland/Elfland - A magical realm with many names where fairies and other strange creatures live and play.  It has been ruled by a number of fairy queens, and by Oberon, the fairy king.  These rulers often send their fairies to intervene in the world of men.  Great heroes are often invited to this realm.

Land of Mo - A magical realm where everything you need, including food, tools and clothes, grow on trees.  It is inhabited by dragons and other fantastic creatures.

Lalil - A mountain that stands at the center of a pocket dimension created by the yellow eyed demon, Rak. Around it are cities and gardens, behind it are great flames and orbiting around it are seven moons that bathe the land in a greenish light. The dimsension is inhabited by those bound to Rak, and may be entered through the "Dragon Glass." [The Dragon Glass]

Mercury - A world caught in a time loop, where the end of every adventure is destined to lead back to its beginning in an endless cycle.
-The Foliot Isles
-The land Zimiamvia (beyond the known world)

Merryland - A world reached through a cave that was divided into seven valleys. [Dot and Tot of Merryland by L. Frank Baum]

Neverland - The neverlands are islands which are presumably physical manifestations of childhood imagination, which can be visited during play, or in a child's dreams. The Neverland island inhabited by Peter Pan seems to be defined by the imagination of Peter and his friends, or perhaps by the Darling children. This Neverland island is inhabited by fairies, mermaids, pirates, the Pini tribe and a wide array of wild beasts. [James M. Barie]

Noom - A magical kingdom on the far side of the moon (possibly a Neverland). It has giant mushrooms that taste like cake, and lemonade springs and it is inhabited by a variety of magical characters. [The Magical Land of Noom by Johnny Gruelle]

Outland - A fairyland ruled by an emperor, and full of political intrigue [Lewis Carroll]

Oz - A county within fairyland, surrounded by many other fairy nations.  Oz is inhabited by dozens of strange species, most notably the munchkins, witches, flying monkeys and talking animals.  It's capitol is the Emerald City. [L. Frank Baum]

Paracosma - An idyllic "phantom" world where there are no cities and no concept of violence or crime or death or unforeseen chance. People live spread out in the vast wilderness and grow to any age they wish. Mates are appointed and couples are permitted to have only one child. To violate the law of nature is "unhappiness." The flowers produce music. (this world is later revealed to be the subject of a primitive "virtual reality" show)

Polistarchia - A country created from a model made of toys and brought to life with the imagination (possibly a Neverland). [Edith Nesbit]
-Polistopolis - Capital of Polistarchia
-Somnolentia (formerly Briskford) - a region in the north.

Romancia - An enchanted kingdom inhabited by numerous princes and princesses, fairies and geenies. It is surrounded by a wall and the Troximania Mountains, but it is never difficult to enter. In order to stay, you must travel through the Forest of Adventures. It contain at least one ocean port and one town. Inhabitants need no sustenance besides air and love. Even the rocks have gentle feelings. It is exceedingly beautiful, but is being over run by common folk, so many of the more fantastic citizens have moved to Upper Romancia. [Guillaume H. Bougeant]

Sky Island - A floating island rules by the "Blues" on one side and the "Pinkies" on the other. [L. Frank Baum]

Toyland - It is a magical country located on an unknown shore, possibly on an island. The Palace of Justice is one known location. ["Babes in Toyland" by Glen MacDonough]

Wonderland - A fairyland inhabited by talking animals and other strange and dangerous creatures.  Much of it is ruled by the Queen of Hearts. [Lewis Carroll]




"The Beyond" [Fawcett Comics]
A shadowy realm of the dead that sometimes encroaches on the "Realm of the Living."

-River Styx
-Elysian Fields

The Inferno [Dante]
-The Gate
- "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." -The Vestibule
- The Moat. -Circle I - Limbo
-Circle II - The Carnal
-Circle III - The Gluttons
-Circle IV - The Hoarders and Wasters
-The Great Tower
-Circle V - Styx, The Wrathful
-The Wall of Dis
-Circle VI - The Heretics
-Circle VII - Phlegethon, The Wood of Suicides and The Burning Plane
-Circle VIII - The Ten Bolgias
-Circle IX - Cocytus (Caina, Antenora, Ptolomea, Judecca)

Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil
-Asgard (The East Court) - Home of the Aesir
--Valhalla - Home of the honorable dead, who live forever in perpetual combat.
-Vanaheim - Home of the Vanir.
-Midgard - The Earthly Plane.
-Alfheim - Land of the Elves.
-Svartalheim - Land of the Dark Elves.
-Nidavellir - Land of the Giants.
-Niffleheim - Land of Ice.
-Muspelheim - Land of Fire.
-Hel - Underworld of the Dead.

-The Pantheon




While it is impossible to document the infinite number of potential alternate realities, there are a number of common alternate realities (CARs) which run parallel to any given universe. Sometimes, characteristics of these alternate realities overlap in a variety of permutations. To facilitate the documentation of these permutations, you will find handy abbreviations for each CAR, which can be combined to describe the properties of a universe. For example: MAG-TYR-WAR-VIC would depict a parallel universe with anime physics, in which the usual heroes are villains who have led the world into a terrible appocalypse in a victorian age setting.

Alternative Science Universes

SIL: Sillyverse (cartoon) - Characters are especially colorful and round looking. People are rarely killed or seriously injured, regardless of how perilous their situation. The standard Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals have little relevance in this world.

MUS: Musicverse (musical) - Characters are generally a bit more flamboyant than usual. They fight with very big, dance-like movement and occassionally burst into song. Heroes rarely die. Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals are different than our universe, but not to an absurd degree.

SUP: Superverse (comic) - Characters generally wear very bright and flamboyant costumes. Characters frequently die by violent means, but their death is usually temporary (usually lasting only a year or two). The Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals are often very alien to our universe. Exposure to radiation, toxic waste and massive quantities of electricity are just as likely to result in beneficial mutations as they are to result in death. Gaining superhuman powers is not uncommon, and superheroes, monsters and alien races are fairly common to the experience of the general public.

MAG: Magnaverse (anime) - Characters are usually younger and more agile than usual. Characters in dangerous situations frequently die. The Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals are often very alien to our universe. Gravity is not as powerful, allowing individuals to make incredible leaps, carry enormous weapons, and allowing vehicles of enormous size to operate with great agility. Individuals who strain themselves in any way are very susceptible to nose bleeds.

CIN: Cineverse (movie) - Characters usually dress more practically, often wearing dark leather or armor. The population is generally more ethnically diverse, and some individuals have a different ethnicity than usual. Death is usually permanent. Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals are different than our universe, but not to an absurd degree.

DRA: Dramaverse (TV) - Characters usually dress more practically, usually wearing street clothes. Interpersonal relationships are much more dynamic, with individuals demonstrating more angst and moral deliberation than usual. Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals are often very similar to our universe. The general public does not believe that superheroes, monsters and alien races exist.

NOI: Noirverse (pulp) - Characters usually dress more practically, usually wearing street clothes. Characters in dangerous situations frequently die. Laws of Physics and basic scientific principals are often very similar to the our universe. Crime is rampant. There may only be one hero in this universe.

RW: "The Real World" - To avoid confusion, remember that this is not actually the universe we live in. It is a parallel universe that very much resembles our own in most ways. However, it is actually a nexus of realities, where characters that are otherwise considered "fictional" often break through the barrier to meet their creators. Usually, these characters are forced to live by laws of physics similar to those of our universe.

Alternate Character Universes

ANI: Animalverse - All characters are anthropomorphic animals of various kinds.

ETH: Ethnicverse - Characters do not belong to the same ethnic group as usual.

GEN: Genderverse - All characters are the opposite gender.

TYR: Tyrantverse - All characters have the opposite motivations of their usual motivations. Good guys are evil and bad guys are heroic.

YOU: Youthverse - All characters are 10-20 years younger than usual, with the primary characters being 4-16 years old, despite the fact that the setting is contemporary and key events of their origins never happened.

Alternate Event Universes

DIN: Dinoverse - A parallel universe in which dinosaurs never went extinct, and continued to be dominant on Earth.

DRG: Dragonverse - A parallel universe in which magic is prevalent and technology never progressed beyond the middle ages.  In this universe, heroes and villains are knights, mages and alchemists.  All the nations of the world are kingdoms.  Dragons, elves, goblins and trolls are more common creatures than real world animals, and many real world animals are believed to be myths.

CNQ: Conquerverse - A parallel universe or near future universe in which the villains have already won, and they now have tyranical power over the entire world or the entire universe. There is a villainverse for every single villain seeking world conquest, but the most common villain universes are those ruled by Nazis, tyrannical communists, anti-human robots, vampires, zombies or demons.

-MW: Machine World - A parallel universe in which technology has run amok, and machines have taken control of the earth, either to replace or protect the flawed, weak and violent human race.  To this end, the machines use powerful robot enforcers or exterminators.  The robots are usually controlled by a highly intelligent central computer that is located in an impenetrable fortress.

-ZW: Zombie World - A parallel universe in which most humans on earth have been turned into zombies.  Only a few humans survive and sometimes band together to defend themselves from the overwhelming numbers of the zombie hordes.

WAR: War World - A parallel universe in which the earth has experienced World War III or some similar catastrophe such as a plague or a meteor strike. The people are now struggling through the aftermath.  Resources are scarce.  There is no organized government, but there is organized crime.  People have formed gangs and tribes in order to survive.  Some live in fortified cities, hoping to defend themselves from ruthless marauders.  Everyone battles for their life on a daily basis.

Alternate Timeline Universes

ANC: Ancient - All primary characters were born and raised in the ancient past, and contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era.

MED: Medevial - All primary characters were born and raised in the Medevial era, and contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era. Heroes are knights, the rich and powerful are kings and barons, and scientists are alchemists and magicians.

REN: Rennaisance - All primary characters were born and raised in the Rennaisance period, and contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era. Heroes are cavaliers and soldiers, the rich and powerful are dukes and earls, and scientists are alchemists and philosophers.

VIC: Victorian - All primary characters were born and raised in the 1800's, and contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era. American heroes are generally rangers of the western frontier, and scientists rely on more primitive steam-powered inventions.

GA: Golden Age - All primary characters were born and raised in the early 20th Century, and contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era, particularly World War II. Most of the heroes are colorful and patriotic with a two-fisted soultion to any problem.

SA: Silver Age - All primary characters were born and raised in the mid 20th Century, and contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era. These individuals are highly moral, and often try to defeat their foes without killing them.

MOD: Modern - All primary characters were born and raised in the late 20th Century or early 21st Century. They contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era. These individuals tend to be a bit more selfish, disloyal and emotionally conflicted. They are willing to kill when necessary and many of them enjoy doing it.

FUT: Future - All primary characters were born and raised in the future and they contend with the culture, technology, personalities and events of that era. These individuals generally have access to flying personal vehnicles of various kinds and live in massive cities with towering buildings and bridges. Spaceflight is common.


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