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Here you will find additional concepts and ideas established in public domain fiction that can help to flesh out a fictional world.




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Legendary Weapons & Artifacts
Andvaranaut - A magical ring capable of turning things to gold. [Norse]
Amulet of Annihilation - It's wearer can control electricity and fly. [Sure-Fire Comics #1]
Chrysaor - A golden sword which Zeus had used to battle the Titans. Because it was "Tempred with Adamant", it was able to cleave through anything.
Clarent, The Sword in the Stone - Could only be removed from the stone by a worthy man. [Artuhrian]
Cortana, The Sword of Mercy - A short sword forged from the same metal as Joyeuse and Durendal, used by Tristan and Ogier the Dane.
Dainslief - Forged by the dwarves, it always hits its mark, it must cause death each time it is drawn, and the wounds it causes never heal, even if they are merely a scratch. [Scandanavian]
Draupnir - Armband worn by Odin which could create more gold arm bands. [Norse]
Durendal - An indestructible sword which once belonged to Hector of Troy. It contains remnants of several major saints, making it a blessed weapon, wielded by the paladin Roland.
Excalibur - Sword which made its wielder invincible. [Artuhrian]
Gáe Bulg - A barbed spear, thrown with the foot, that has to be cut out of its victim.
Gram - Sword forged by Wayland the Smith. It was destroyed and forged again, strong enough to slice an anvil in twain. [Norse]
Hauteclere - A sword of burnished steel, with a crystal embedded in a golden hilt. It was wielded by Oliver.
Hrunting - Sword annealed in venom.
Ibistick - A powerful magical conduit. [Whiz Comics #2]
Joyeuse - An unequaled sword wielded by Charlemagne. It changed colors many times a day.
Mimung - A powerful sowrd. [Norse]
Mistilteinn - A sword which could never go blunt, once owned by the king of the dead.
Mjölnir - The powerful hammer of thor. [Norse]
Monkey's Paw - The preserved paw of a monkey which grants its owner three wishes, but each wish comes with a curse. [W. W. Jacobs]
The Necronomicon - The book of the dead. It contains arcane knowledge and it is cursed. [H.P. Lovecraft]
Pandora's Box - A box which unleashes chaos when it is opened. [Greek]
The Purple Claw - African glove which bestows super-human strangth on its wearer. [Purple Claw #1]
Quern-Biter - A sword strong enough to slice through a millstone.
The Ring of Blackstick - Ring which makes its wearer beautiful, causing people to fall in love with them. [William Makepeace Thackeray]
The Ring of Gyges - Gold ring which turned its wearer invisible.
Seven League Boots - Boots that enable the wearer to take great leaps and strides, up to seven leagues per step!
The Shoes of Mercury - Grants their wearer the abilityto fly at great speed.
The Shining Trapezohedron - A small alien trapezohedron with crazy angles, which serves as a window on all space and time, and which can be used to summon monsters. It was forged on Yuggoth. [H.P. Lovecraft]
Tarnhelm - A helmet which turned its wearer invisible. [Richard Wagner]
Tizona & Colada - Spanish swords which are only powerful in the hands of a brave warrior.
Tyrfing - A sword with a golden hilt that would never miss a stroke, would never rust and would cut through stone and iron. Forged by dwarves, it shone and gleamed like fire, but it was cursed to kill a man every time it was drawn and to cause three great evils. It usually killed its owner in the end.
Vorpal Sword - A sword which can decapitate any foe. [Lewis Carrol]

Non Unique: Cloak of Invisibility, Helm of Invisibility, Magic Carpet, Magic Lamp

Technological Weapons & Equipment
Agra Ray - The radiation from this device enables plants to reach full maturity within a matter of hours. However, the ray can also be used as a weapon capable of petrifying its target. [Space Patrol]
Anti-Gravity Belt - A belt capable of reducing the force of gravity, allowing the wearer to jump great distances. [Armageddon: 2419 A.D. by Philip Frances Nowlan]
Brainograph - A device which can be used to recondition brains. [Space Patrol]
Cycloray Guns - Project intense heat beams. [Planet Comics #25]
Cyclotrode X - A device which can short out every electrical device on earth. [The Crimson Ghost]
Dictagraph - An advanced eavesdropping device. [The Master Mystery by Charles Logue]
Diskos - A weapon featuring a razor-sharp spinning disk on a retractable handle. When activated the disk glows and shoots out sparks. [William Hope Hodgson]
Disolvo Gun - A weapon which can melt nearly any form of matter. [Silver Streak Comics]
Educator - A device for transferring memories, and other learned information (including languages and skills or specialty expertise). [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Force-Field - A barrier created by projected force. [Space Hounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
Fulgurator - An explosive Weapon of Mass Destruction, similar in powerf to a nuclear weapon. It can destroy anything within 12,000 square yards. [Facing the Flag by Jules Verne]
Grantline Comptometer - A handheld computer or calculator that can solve nearly any mathematical problem. [Brigands of the Moon by Ray Cummings]
Gravigun - Increases gravity on its target. [Space Adventures #4]
hypnobioscope - A device that allows one to learn while they are sleeping. []
Lewiston - A standard issue one-handed projectile weapon that fires super-heated plasma bolts, capable of melting metal into slag. [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
Leyden Ball - A type of ammunition intended for deep sea hunting. The slightest impact of the ball will send a powerful and instantly lethal electrical charge through the target. Invented by Captain Nemo. [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne]
Needle Pipe - An electronic weapon that could fire metallic needles on a stream of electrons at incredible speeds. It had a range finder for targeting and its projectiles could be curved around corners. The weapon itself is a metallic pipe about a foot long and a quarter inch in diameter, with a large, round metallic base, intended to be operated with two hands. [Beyond the Stars by Ray Cummings]
Needlers - Short barrled guns made by Browning, that fire tiny needles and are capable of continuous fire. They flash when they are fired, and the weapons themselves are standard issue. [Greylorn by John Keith Laumer]
Object Compass - Once it is set on an object, this compass will always point to it. [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Pressor Beam - An energy beam, usually mounted on spacecraft, capable of pushing (repelling) objects in space. [Space Hounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
Raytron Apparatus - A very small aerial surveilance device shot into the sky with a gun. It appears to be a whirling pink ball. "It was in reality a small, flat disk with a lenslike eye and a whirling, pink, glowing armature on top." [Brigands of the Moon by Ray Cummings]
Rocket Gun - A pistol that fires rocket propelled projectiles of various types, including extreme range rockets which can hit a target thousands of feet away. [Armageddon: 2419 A.D. by Philip Frances Nowlan]
Spy Ray Goggles - Goggles which can be used to see through almost anything. They also seem to have the ability to record and transmit images of what is viewed.
Standish - An extremely powerful energy weapon usually fired from a tripod. If fires dull red beams of incredible intensity, and sparks like lightning. It is described as huge, squat and heavy, "possessing a thick, short telescope, with several opaque condensing lenses and parabolic reflectors..." [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
Sun-Bolt Guns - Project concentrated beams of solar energy. [Space Adventures #4]
Tractor Beam - An energy beam, usually mounted on spacecraft, capable of pulling in objects in space. [Space Hounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
Y Hand Blasters - A standard plasma weapon. [Gambler's World by John Keith Laumer]
Y-Ray - A ray that can displace atoms, rendering an object intantigble and/or invsible. [The Displacement Ray]
Zeta Ray - A beam of radiation that can stop infection and cure illnesses. [Space Patrol: 1.13 Theft Of The Zeta Ray]
Z-Ray - A ray which makes human minds receptive to influence. [Space Patrol: 4 Baccarratti's Z Ray]

Chemicals and Materials
Adamantite - An unbreakable metal. [Greek Mythology]
Alkahest - A chemical which can desolve specific metals. [alchemy]
Aluniun - An expensive fabric. [Wonder Comics #15]
Apergion - An antigravity substance with enough power to propel a ship from one planet to another. [Across the Zodiac by Percy Greg]
Arenak - An epoxy-like substance that when catalyzed by salt becomes 500 times tougher than steel. [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Argine - A transparent and nearly indestructible material. [The Navigators of Infinity by Joseph Henri Honoré Boex]
Artemisium - A rare and beautiful metal found only on the moon. [The Moon Metal by Garrett Serviss]
Asteroidium - A light but extremely hard metal, that resembles gold. [Space Action #1]
Cardite - A red substance mined on Mars which is a source of light, heat and power. [Through Space to Mars by Roy Rockwood]
Carmot (The Philosopher's Stone) - A catalyst for turning base metals into gold or silver. [alchemy]
Cavorite - Not effected by the force of gravity, it can also shield other materials from gravity. It is used to make flight easier. It was named after its discoverer, Dr. Cavor. [H.G. Wells]
Dagal - A transparent, super-hardened treatment of ordinary metal, that is even stronger than Arenak. [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Daturon - An unhealthy variant of the all-encompassing "ether" of space. It poisons all life into a deathlike stupor when the Earth passes through a belt of it. Daturon possesses some traits of a gas that's heavier than air: it concentrates first in lower regions like valleys or plains and inhalation of oxygen-superenriched air works as antidote. Daturon also has some traits of radiation: it can pass through hermetically sealed rooms and containers. [The Poison Belt by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Deflagrator - A liquid which is used in the creation of a massively powerful explosive. [Facing the Flag by Jules Verne]
Dureum - A super-dense metal used for making blades that can kill in hyperspace. [Triplanetary by E. E. Smith]
Durinium - The most powerful fissionable material in the universe, and the slowest. A bomb made of the material would take over 1200 years to detonate. Found only on the planet Collosium. [Flash Gordon, Deadline at Noon]
Durite - A durable metal used in the construction of spacecraft hulls. [Planet Comics #30]
Eadhamite - An artificial substance, resembling toughened glass, used to create smooth roads. [When the Sleeper Wakes by H.G. Wells]
Endurium - A durable, radiation resistant metal used in the construction of spacecraft hulls. Refined in mills on Mars. [Space Patrol: 1.49 Prison of Deadly Gas]
Ernium - A valuable substance. [Planet Comics #29]
Faidon - Luminous blue crystals which are created out of crystallized energy in supernova explosions and can only be wrought in the core of a white dwarf. They can be used as jewels but can even be shaped into containers for neutronium. [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Gamma Oil - A highly efficient form of oil found on Venus. [Flash Gordon: The Claim Jumpers]
Gravitex - A mineral that is repelled by gravity instead of being attracted to it. [Space Adventures #4]
Greek Fire - An eternal fire that never dies. [Greek]
Hugmetite - Purplish ore with anti-gravity qualities. [The Hugmetite Airship by Frank L. Nelson]
Inertron - A snythetic element that is extremely dense, strong and elastic, but weighs very little. It has no molecular vibration and reflects 100 % of the light and heat imposed on it, so that it will not absorb heat at all. It is also "completely inert to both electric and magnetic forces in all the orders above the ultronic; that is to say, the sub-electronic, the electronic, the atomic and the molecular." It is used as a shield against disintegrator rays. [Armageddon: 2419 A.D. by Philip Frances Nowlan]
Inoson - A transparent, super-hardened treatment of ordinary metals makes Inoson, theoretically, the strongest substance in the universe (even stronger than Dagal). [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Kalomite - A valuable mineral. [Planet Comics #22]
Krakatit - An unstable substance with great explosive power. [Karel Capek]
Kobalium - A metal used in the construciton of rocket engines. [Planet Comics #29]
Nagrom - A deadly gas that is a by-product of Endurirum refinement. [Space Patrol: 1.49 Prison of Deadly Gas]
Neutronium - An extremely dense substance composed purely of neutrons. Sometimes used to create artifical gravity. [Space Patrol: 5.3 Collapse of the Spider's Web]
Pentavalent Nitrogen - A highly explosive crystalline substance made from "26 atoms of nitrogen combined to form one molecule of what you would call -- N-twenty six." [Space Hounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
Polarite - A mineral found only in the frozen wastes of a distant planet. Polarite had the ability to attract and neutralize weaponized particles. [Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe]
Red Mercury - An unstable substance with great explosive power. [hoax]
Solarbonite - A high-energy substance found on Earth and possibly other planets. It is capable of exploding the particles that make up sunlight itself. If contained in a weapon, it can set off a chain reaction that explodes sunlight, along with anything the exploding sunlight touches, that will eventually destroy the universe, possibly at the speed of light itself. [Plan 9 from Outer Space]
Solarite - An unstable mineral with great explosive power found on a distant planet. [Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe]
Solidium A tough, energy resistant metal, used for armor. [Space Adventures #4]
Sonite - A mineral that can be treated to produce powerful and destructive radio waves. [Space Angel: Incident Of The Loud Planet]
Steelonium - A metal that "won't rust and is ten times as strong as steel." It is used for building streets. [Ralph 124c 41 + by Hugo Gernsback]
Stellite or "Repulsite" - A material which repels from certain points in space and time. [Le Docteur Oméga by Arnould Galopin]
Sythetol - A sythetic fuel that is more efficient than gasoline. [Pandora by Aurthur B. Reeve]
Thermallium - A metal which is resistant to extremely high temperatures. [Space Adventures #3]
Thermatron - A compound that makes it possible for ships to acheieve faster than light speeds. [Flash Gordon: The Lure of Light]
Thexite - The most powerful explosive in the solar system. [Space Adventures #2]
Thurinium - A rare element that radiates energy. [Space Action #1]
Titan Crystal - A unique kind of crystal, found 10,000 feet below the surface of Titan. It has the strength and durability of Steel, but it also has great natural beauty. In the future, it begins replacing metal in all construction work for city buildings. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]
Tritonium - Rare mineral with unique properties that costs 1 million credits per gram. [Space Patrol: 1.24 The Treacherous Technicians]
Ultrawave - A subspace frequency that travels much faster than the speed of light (almost instantaneous), and can only be transmitted by extremely advanced technology. [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
Ultron - A material that is extremely dense, durable and heavy, with moderate elasticity, which is 100 percent conductive of light, heat and electricity. It is therefore completely invisible and non-reflective. It is also 100 percent reactive to magnetic force, and easily attracted or reulsed. A long, thin wire of the material can support the weight of 5 people. [Armageddon: 2419 A.D. by Philip Frances Nowlan]
Vita Q - A compund harvested in the swamps of Venus that prevents space blindness. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet #11]
Vitawood - A sturdy and valuable type of wood, which is actually made from genetically altered humans. [Planet Comics #36]
Vril - An extremely luminous compound which can be used as an energy source, a healing agent or a disintegrating agent. [Vril, the Power of the Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton] X - A mysterious platinum-group metal which, when plated upon another metal such as copper, allowed that other metal to be converted entirely from mass into energy in the presence of the radiation of DuQuesne's "whatsitron". It is an ultra-heavy, stable, and non-radioactive transuranic. [Skylark of Space by E. E. Smith]
Z-71 - A compound found on Mercury that can be refined into a powerful rocket fuel. [Space Adventures #5]

Foods, Drugs & Medicines
222 - A compound ingested with food that greatly prolongs life. Created by Professor Tornada. [Memoirs of an Immortal by André Couvreur]
Alicorn - The horn of the unicorn which was believed to have mystical healing properties. [alchemy]
Alosun - A distillate made from the “atoms of the sun” that grants super-strength, invulnerability and flight. Created by Dr. Hugo Strange. [Thrilling Comics #1]
Concentro - A highly nutritive synthetic food, with a very bitter taste. A single mouthful carries all the nutrients a man needs for a day. [Armageddon: 2419 A.D. by Philip Frances Nowlan]
Elixir of Life - Concotion which confers immortality. [alchemy]
F22X - Grants superhuman strength. Created by super-genius Blane Whitney (The Wizard). [Top-Notch Comics #1]
Fairy Dust - Grants flight to those with happy thoughts. [J.M. Barrie]
Flaxium - A drug that could greatly increase the intelligence of developing children. It was an extract of radium and was injected into the blood. Created by Dr. Flax. [On Vole des Enfants a Paris by Louis Forest]
Fluvia, The Dynamite Drink - A rum-like beverage more powerful than ether. [Space Adventures #2]
Formic Ether - Inhaling this gas grants superhuman strength and invulnerability. Created by pharmacist Bob Benton (The Black Terror). [Exciting Comics #9]
Lamesis Formula - A long lost formula from Ancient Egypt that grantS superhuman strength to those who drink it. It was re-dicovered by Nelson Drew (The Liberator). [Exciting Comics #15]
Narco - A drug that makes human minds open to suggestion. It is made from the narcola flower. [Space Patrol: 1.23 The Secret Injection]
Panacea - Substance believed by Alchemists to cure all illness. [alchemy]
Radurium - A valuable and potent serum used as a topical treatment for cosmic and radiation burns. It can be synthesized and if an individual is exposed to it for too long, it can be fatal. [Space Patrol: 1.15 The Man in the Radurium Glove]
The SHIELD Formula - Grants superhuman strength and invulnerability. Created by scientist Tom Higgins, and completed by his son, Joe Higgins (The Shield). [Pep Comics #1]
U-235 Pills - Grants superhuman strength, invulnerability and flight. The active ingredient in these pills was Uranium-235. Created by Professor Invento. [Atomic Mouse #1]
V-2 Gas - An invisible and odorless gas, that quickly induces unconciousness and death to those who breathe it in. It is outlawed by the Triplanetary League, but often employed by criminals frequently enough that Triplanetary officers carry a vial of the antidote in their armor. [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
Vitamin 2X - Grants superhuman strength. Created by pharmacist Dr. Franz. [Blue Beetle]
Vitrane - A drug that enables humans to work in hostile environments. [Planet Comics #22]
X-24 - An experimental explosive. When ingested, it gives a human being an explosive touch. The secret formula is only known to Roy Lincoln (The Human Bomb), the son of its deceased creator. [Police Comics #1]
Yellow Bark Brandy - Temporarily removes the moral senses of those who drink it. [A.E. Apple]

The Blue Plague - A virus originating on the planet Dara which left large patches of blue pigment irregularly distributed over the body on survivors and their immediate ancestors. [Pariah Planet by Murray Leinster]
Chameleon Fever - A disease that one can catch in Madagascar that causes one to grow layers of skin of different colors, which allows a person to blend into his surroundings. [A Human Chameleon by Newton Newkirk]
The Cooties - A gross disease that causes discomfort.
The Green Plague [Space Patrol: 3 The Green Plague]
The Plutonian Plague - A disease which is fatal in a matter of days, but can be cured with ranadium weed. [Wonder Comics #17]
The Purple Death - A virus created by Professor Schmidt. It is a variaiton of an Asiatic plague that causes death within 30 minutes of exposure. The last vial containing the disease is burried with Schmidt. [The Purple Death by William L. Alden]
The Red Death - A disease that causes victims to bleed from their pores before eventually dying. [Edgar Allan Poe]
The Scarlet Plague - A disease capable of ravaging the world's population. [Jack London]
The Silver Death - A deadly alien airborn disease that leaves a metallic sheen on the skin of its victims. [The Isle of the Torturers by Clark Ashton Smith]
Space Fever [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: Trial in Space]
Thurston's Disease - A deadly and fast spreading mutant virus, created by Dr. Alan Thurston, an immunologist at Midwestern University Medical School, when he tried to create an antigen by mutating a strain of Staphylococcus with gamma radiation, with an unknown virus in the same sample. The disease is characterized by a bronchial cough, and it kills an adult human within a week, though some can last up to a month with proper medical care. The disease spread quickly, and killed off a good percentage of the world's population, before a cure was found by Dr. Walter Kramer, who worked in conjunction with doctors from around the world. "The virus attacks the bronchioles first, destroys them, and passes into the deeper tissues of the lungs. As with most virus diseases there is a transitory leukopenia—a drop in the total number of white blood cells—and a rise in temperature of about two or three degrees. As the virus attacks the alveolar structures, the temperature rises and the white blood cell count becomes elevated. The lungs become inflamed and painful. There is a considerable quantity of lymphoid exudate and pleural effusion. Secondary invaders and pus-forming bacteria follow the viral destruction of the lung tissue and form abscesses. Breathing becomes progressively more difficult as more lung tissue is destroyed. Hepatization and necrosis inactivate more lung tissue as the bacteria get in their dirty work, and finally the patient suffocates." If that doesn't kill the patient, the virus will. "It produces atelectasis followed by progressive necrosis of lung tissue with gradual liquefaction of the parenchyma." [Pandemic by Jesse Franklin Bone]
The White Disease - A mysterious and incurable form of leprosy, that kills people older than 30. [Karel Capek]

Ivy of Death - A plant from Jupiter that gives off a suffocating dioxide. [Space Patrol: 1.5 The Ivy of Death]
K-4 - A poisonous plant found only on the Lost Plateau which can be treated to cure "night blindness." [Clutch Cargo: The Lost Plateau]
Lotus Tree - Bears fruit that caused a pleasant drowsiness which makes one forget about the passage of time. [Greek Mythology]
Moly - A white flower with a black root which is dangerous for a mortal to uproot, but it can protect one from magic. [Greek Mythology]
Narcola - An illegal, innocent looking flower that gives off a very fatal fragrance. [Space Patrol: 2.1 Flowers of Death]
Ranadium Weed - A form of seaweed that grows on the ocean planet Aquam that can be treated to cure Plutonian Plague or be used as the source of a plastic material. [Wonder Comics #17]
Raskovnik - A magic plant which can open any lock. [Serbian Mythology]



Marine Vessels
USS Abraham Lincoln — A naval frigate sent to track down the supposed sea monster terrorizing the seas, and destroyed by the Nautilus. [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne]
Arabella — Captain Blood's ship, named after the woman he loves. [Captain Blood by Raphael Sabatini]
Argo - The ship commanded by Jason and his Argonauts. It is said that the mast of this ship is destined to kill Jason. [Greek]
Caleuche — A ghost ship that sails by night and is manned by the dead. It is often seen off the coast of Chile, bright and beautiful with many lights, as if there is a party on the ship. However, it quickly disappears. [Chilote mythology]
Dulcibella — [The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers]
Conqueror - A Liverpool and London line. [The Cardboard Box by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Covenant — A brig commanded by Captain Hoseason. [Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson]
Demeter - The ship that brought Dracula to England. It was found derelect with its captain's corpse tied to the helm. [Dracula by Bram Stoker]
USS Dragon - US Navy pocket battleship that Spark Stevens and Chuck Lawton are assigned to. [Wonder Comics #1]
Dulcibella — [The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers]
Duncan — An ocean yacht. [In Search of the Castaways by Jules Verne]
Flying Dutchman — A ghost ship that can never make port. [The Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner]
The Fuwalda — The ship which took Tarzan's parents to Africa. [Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Ghost — Sealing schooner. [The Sea Wolf by Jack London]
HISPANIOLA — Schooner that takes Long John Silver and Jim Hawins back to Treasure Island. [Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson]
Hringhorni - The ship of Baldr. [Norse]
Imogene - The pirate ship of Captain Clegg, named after his disloyal wife. [Russell Thorndike]
HMS Indomitable or Bellipotent — The ship onto which Billy Budd is impressed. [Billy Budd by Herman Melville]
Jeroboam — [Moby Dick by Herman Melville]
Jolly Roger — Captain Hook's pirate ship. [Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie]
Lone Star - A ship that traveled between Georgia and London. [The Five Orange Pips by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Mary Gloster — [The "Mary Gloster" by Rudyard Kipling]
May Day - A Liverpool and London line. [The Cardboard Box by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Naglfar - A ship in Norse mythology made of the fingernails and toenails of the dead [Norse]
Nancy Bell — "A wooden ship, clipper built and designed for the passenger trade; but, being only of some nine hundred tons or so burthen, she had not that wealth of accommodation below that some of the first-class liners running to Australia and New Zealand possess." [The Wreck of the Nancy Bell by John C. Hutcheson]
Nautilus - Captain Nemo's powerful submarine. [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne]
Nellie — [Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad]
Penguin — [The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allan Poe]
Pequod - Captain Ahab's whaling ship. [Moby Dick by Herman Melville]
HMS Pinafore - [HMS Pinafore by Gilbert and Sullivan]
Rose of Devon - A frigate usurped by pirates. [The Dark Frigate by Charles Hawes]
Sea Unicorn - A whaling ship. [The Adventure of Black Peter by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle]
Siren - A yacht. [A Damsel in Distress by P. G. Wodehouse]
Skíðblaðnir - The ship of Freyr. [Norse]
Sulphur Pit - A pirate ship. [Doctor Syn: A Tale of the Romney Marsh by Russell Thorndike]
Tarantula — The ship of the Pirate King. [The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan]
Toreador — The large ship that came to the rescue of the castaways on Caprona. [The People That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs]
Walrus — Flint's pirate ship. [Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson]
We're Here - A Gloucester schooner. [Captains Courageous: A Story of the Grand Banks, by Rudyard Kipling]


Aesclipus Twenty - A medical ship. [Pariah Planet by Murray Leinster]
The Alpha (1950) - An interstellar spacecraft that has a Solar Drive for travel within a solar system and an Astro Drive for travel between stars. It has weapon turrets and a tractor beam. It is shielded well enough to resist tremendous heat. It can be set to self destruct, taking an entire planet with it. [The Planet Man]
IPV Arcturus - A liner that routinely traveled to Mars, owned by the Inter-Planetary Corporation (IPC). It was captured and nearly destroyed near Jupiter, but was eventually rebuilt. [Spacehounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
The Boise - A super powerful battleship built by the Triplanetary League, with cutting edge weapons and lightspeed technology. [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
The Chicago - A heavy cruiser and one of the fleetest of the patrol vessels of the Triplanetary League. It belongs to the North American Division of the Tellurian Contingent. [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
Cometara (2070) - A transport ship that can carry 50 men. [Wandl the Invader by Ray Cummings]
Cosmos - A ship that is 13 meters long and 3 meters in diameter and made of stellite. Its interior is divided into four sections, each lit by electric lights powered by a generator run by an eight-cylinder 200-horsepower motor. The floors are all suspended upon universal joints in order to maintain a normal level. The portholes are made of transparent stellite. In addition to the bridge, the other sections of the ship include a storeroom, an armory, and the crew's sleeping quarters. [Dr. Omega by Arnould Galopin]
The Hyperion - An interplanetary liner of the Triplanetary League, which has a battery of powerful, but conventional, space weapons. It has a saloon with a live band, adjacent to an observation deck. There is an air cycling system centered on the lower decks in an area secured by a greenish ether wall. [Triplanetary by E.E. Smith]
The Jolly Roger - A ship commanded by the Star Pirate. [Planet Comics]
The Kondal - A clone of the Skylark 2, piloted by Prince Dunark of Kondol. It was destroyed by a Fenachrone scout ship. [Skylark of Space by E.E. Smith]
Planetara (2070) - A space-flyer that carried mail and passenger traffic to and from both Venus and Mars. [Brigands of the Moon by Ray Cummings]
The Planeteer (1950) - An spacecraft that travels at 5000 miles per second, and has deflector shields. The interior is set up like a laboratory. [The Planet Man]
The Pleiades - The earth's first commercial interstellar starship built by Solar System Enterprises, Inc. It could travel anywhere instantaneously, but did not have a guidance system, essentially making its space jumps random. There were comfortable individual quarters for each of its 4 crew members. [The Galaxy Primes by E.E. Smith]
The Polaris - A fast ship belonging to the Solar Guard. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]
The Rogue Star - One of Earth's first interplanetary ships, built by the Baker family. [Planet Comics]
IPV Sirius - An armed scientific vessel with two of Steve's scientist friends aboard. [Spacehounds of IPC by E.E. Smith]
Skyflash (3160) - A very fast rocketship belonging to GBI. It is capable of landing and taking off from planets with ease, though one must climb a ladder to board it or to disembark. [Flash Gordon]
Skylark - An early prototype of a faster than light ship, created and piloted by earth scientist Dick Seaton. It used copper as a fuel source for it's X drive. [Skylark of Space by E.E. Smith]
Skylark 2 - An upgrade of the original Skylark, which included weapons, and a more powerful drive. It also generated an impenetrable "Zone of Force" that could protect the ship from all matter and energy. [Skylark of Space by E.E. Smith]
Skylark 3 - One of the most advanced and powerful ships in the Galaxy. It could destory a planet and has 20 times the acceleration potential of the original Skylark. [Skylark of Space by E.E. Smith]
Space Rover - Rocket commanded by Tara, Queen of the Space Pirates. []
Starduster - A delta winged ship belonging to the Earth Bureau of Investigation and the Interplanetary Space Force. It contained a smaller starfighter called the Space Dart. [Space Angel]
Staritania (2550) - A massive civilian Spaceliner that operated around 2550. [Space Adventures #1]
Star-Streak - A gray pirate ship owned by Molo which makes base of the polar cap of Mars. [Wandl the Invader by Ray Cummings]
Terra IV/Terra V (2950) - Ships belonging to the Space Patrol and commanded by Commander Corry. [Space Patrol]
The Vengeance - A ship commanded by the Star Pirate. [Planet Comics]
The Violet - A Kondolian ship that was damaged by the Fenachrone and rebuilt by Dr. DuQuesne. It moves 5 times the speed of light. [Skylark of Space by E.E. Smith]

The Albatross - A giant airship built for battle. [Robur the Conqueror by Jules Verne]
Birdie - Airboy's custom aircraft. It's wings could fold up. [Air Fighter Comics]
The Chameleon - Airship commanded by Sky Pirate Captain Alfonso Payton. [The Sky Pirate]
The Dart - A fast plane capable of traveling over 1000 miles. [Ben Hardy's Flying Machine; or, Making a Record for Himself by Edward Stratemeyer]
The Gray Ghost - An aircraft more than one-hundred feet long with propellers and flapping wings, armed with bombs and a ram capable of sinking an ocean liner. Created by German scientist Alsop Osterman in 1911. [Muriel Pollexfen]
The Wing - Skyman's custom boomerang-shaped aircraft, powered by magnetic repulsors. [Big Shot Comics]

Other Vehicles
Air-Sub DX - A submarine that could fly. Invented by Professor Gray. [Amazing Mystery Funnies volume 2 #3 ]
Beetlemobile - A roadster used by the Blue Beetle. [Blue Beetle]
Blue Tracer - An all-terrain super vehicle that could become a tank, a plane or an aircraft. [Military Comics #1]
Grey Panther - A bullet proof Rolls Royce owned by Sexton Blake []


Businesses and Corporations
International Patents, Inc - A corporation founded at the turn of the century by Herbert Balcom and Peter Brent. They bought out patents from promising inventors and then let their inventions sit, to eliminate competition for technology already on the market that they were invested in. [The Master Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve]
Marvin Motors Company - A car company founded at the turn of the century by Stanford Marvin in New York. [Perils of Pauline]
Reade Iron Works - A vehicle and technology manufacturing company founded by Frank Reade in the late 19th century and based out of Readestown, New York. [Frank Reade Jr. #1]
Saxton Automobile Works - A car company founded at the turn of the century by Mr. Saxton. [Ben Hardy's Flying Machine; or, Making a Record for Himself by Edward Stratemeyer]
Waite National Bank - A bank founded by Elias Waite. [Super-Mystery Comics vol. 1, #2]
World Steel - A large and corrupt steel and technology corporation. [E.E. Smith]

Print Media
The American [Daredevil]
Arkham Advertiser [H.P. Lovecraft]
Arkham Gazette [H.P. Lovecraft]
The Bulletin [Joan Mason-Blue Beetle]
The Chicago Star [Silver Streak]
The Chronicle [Scoop Scanlon]
The City Globe
The Clarion
Daily Blade [Hurry Up Harrigan, Joan Mason-Blue Beetle]
Daily Blast [Comet]
Daily Bugle [Miss Masque]
Daily Chronicle (New York) [Boy Comics: Crimebuster]
Daily Clarion [Fantastic Comics: Black Fury]
Daily Express [War Eagle]
Daily Flash [Pyroman]
Daily Free Press [Wasp]
Daily Globe (Los Angeles) [Black Cat]
Daily Herald
Daily Journal
Daily Lead
Daily New Yorker [Jacques Futrelle]
Daily Paper [Clutch Cargo]
Daily Planet [Joan Mason-Blue Beetle]
Daily Press [Daredevil]
Daily Record [Silver Streak]
Daily Register
Daily Star [Hap Hazard, Daredevil, Captain Battle, American Crusader, The Sword]
Daily Sun [Red Rube]
Daily Times [Ragman]
Daily World-Star [Scoop Scanlon]
Dallas Courier
Daredevil Press [Daredevil]
Evening Globe [Scarlet Phantom]
Evening News
Evening Star
The Express [Press Guardian]
The Herald [Hale of the Herald]
Los Angeles Speaker
Metropolitan Times (Metropolis, CA) [Tippy Taylor]
Morning Sun
New York Chronicle [Joan Mason-Blue Beetle]
New York Daily Observer
New York Globe [Blackout]
New York Star [The Ray]
The Outcry (a national weekly) [Ardessa by Willa Cather]
Philladelphia Press Guardian [Owl]
The Star [Amazing Man]
The Tabloid [War Eagle]
The Weekly Star [Swiftarrow]
World News [Daredevil]
World Tribune


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