This is a listing of some of the teams of heroes and villains who operate in the Free Universe.


Deadly Dozen
The Deadly Dozen is a society of the top 12 most deadly assassins in the United States. They formed together to help each other plan and execute extremely diffciult hits. The group has been responsible for the deaths of at least 8 heads of state, and only 3 were actually known to be assassinations. The original members of the group included Benito, the Butcher, the Crusher, Egg-Head, the Giant Killer, Lady Killer, Owl, Satan, Skully, Snake Eyes, Sniffer and the Turk. They usually took direction from Satan, who was the most experienced of them all. This group was eventually brought to justice by the hero known as Daredevil. After that, they were offered a pardon, if they worked as killers for the United States government in the Pacific theater of World War II. The group was honorable enough and patriotic enough to do what was asked of them, but upon returning to the United States, the group staged a breakout, and went on the lamb. Some members were re-captured, and some were killed. Sniffer, the last free and living man of the original members of the group was offered protection from the law if he helped to form a new Deadly Dozen, to be controlled by the Green Sorceress and trained to be more deadly by The Bolt. The new group includes: Sniffer, Iron Jaw, The Bolt, Cobra, Fang, Frost, Huntress, Lady Serpent, Manx, Minxy Sphinx, Thrilla and Torch.
First Appearance: Daredevil #5

Death Battalion
The Death Battalion is a group of anti-american terrorists, originally functioning under orders from hostile foreign powers, but later acquiring a taste for their own brand of mayhem. Their job was to kill key public figures and sabotage the United States through any and every means available to them. The original group, organized by The Brain, consisted of: The Black Clown, The Black Thorn, Dr. Death, The Ghost, The Horned Hood, and The Laughing Skull. The new group was organized by the extraterrestrial known as the Super-Brain, and consisted of: Baron Doom, The Clown, Icicle, The Rubberman, The Toad and The White Terror.
First Appearance: America's Greatest Comics #1

League of Destiny
A dysfunctional team of generally disliked superheroes. They operate out of a giant space station, and the people of earth really prefer them to stay in space. Though not sanctioned by anyone, they are willing to do what it takes to get the job done, whether we like it or not. Most members have changed their hero identities more than once to disassociate themselves with scandal. Most members now use a name starting with the letter "D." While mostly a social club, the team's coordinator uses telepathy to assemble the team when needed. The team has countless members including: Definativeguy, Demarche, Dashguy, Deflagra, Dimensiongate, Deep Diva, I, Detic and Deepfreeze.
[Open Source, created by Vagrant]

Monster Society
The Monster Society is a band of outcasts and malcontents, determined to demonstrate their worth by taking over the entire universe. Members generally consider themselves outsiders, and bring with them great mental or physical power. The original members include: Mr. Mind, Dr. Sivana, IBAC, Magnificus, Mr. Banjo, Mr. Jeepers and Nippo. Later, the group added Atmos Fear, Claw, The Great Question, The Green Sorceress, Marto, and Zog. First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #26

New Furies
In ancient Greece, three demons known as "The Furies" pursued evil-doers, and brought them to justice. Now, the entity known as Justice, believes that there is a need in the world for the furies to act once again. He gathers new agents, three at a time, to infuse them with the spirit and power of the furies, to bring the wicked to justice. The team of three is ever changing, but has included: The Black Terror, The Bronze Terror, The Comet, Daredevil, The Flame, The Ghost, Miss Fury, Miss Masque, & Phantom Lady
[Open Source, created by Jason Stevenson]

Is an intergalactic organization of extraordinary heroes intended to keep the peace on their own planets and to come together to defend the universe from greater threats. Earth's team includes: Astro-Man, Dr. Acacia, Flux, Outworlder and Jenny Everywhere.
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