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A rough timeline of events from fiction and mythology.  Some of these dates may coincide with real historical dates and in some cases, the myth and the history are hard to distinguish.  This is meant to give story tellers a rough idea of when certain stories took place, and their chronological relationship to other stories and real world historical events.  None of these events necessarily happened in every universe, but these are major events that might have happened.



20,000-14,000 B.C. Thurian Age, reign of King Kull
14,000 B.C. The Great Cataclysm
14,000-10,000 B.C. Hyborian Age, reign of King Conan
9600 B.C. Atlantis sinks beneath the ocean.
2600 B.C. Aliens arrive and supervise the construction of the great pyramids of Egypt. [Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett P. Serviss]
1230 B.C. The Twelve Labors of Hercules
1220 B.C. The Adventures of the Argonauts
1200 B.C. The Adventures of Theseus
1180 B.C. The Trojan War
1170 B.C. The Adventures of Odysseus and Anneas
30 B.C. The adventures of Tros of Samothrace.


100 - Cú Chulainn battles the forces of Queen Medb.
200 - Bran Mak Morn fights the Romans in Scottland.
400-600 - Reign of Camelot, Adventures of Beowulf, Britomart and Hua Mulan.
800 - The Seven Voyages of Sinbad. The Adventures of Roland and Charlamange's Paladins (The Twelve Peers)
1096 - The beginning of the first crusade.
1100 - Robin Hood and his Merry Men steal from the rich and defend the poor.
1190 - Cormac Fitzgeoffrey takes part in the third crusade.
1299 - Dante visits The Infero, Purgatorio and Paradisio.
1476 - Vlad III Dracula becomes a vampire.
1482 - Quasimodo falls in love with Esmerelda.
1492 - Christopher Colmbus sails across the Atlantic Ocean and "discovers" the "New World."
1580-1600 - Solomon Kane hunts the creatures of the night.
1600-1605 - Don Quixote sets off on his quest.
1610 - The wizard Prospero returns to civilization with his daughter Miranda.
1625-1667 - The adventures of Cyano De Bergerac, d'Artagnan and The Three Musketeers in France.
1642 - The pirate known as the Crimson Raider is murdered. 1659 - Robinson Crusoe is stranded on the "island of despair."
1680-1689 - Adventures of Captain Blood & Tom "The Old One" Jordan.
1699-1715 - Lemuel Gulliver travels to many exotic locations.
1721 - The Italian explorer Caproni discovers the island of Caspak, inhabited by dinosaurs. [The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs]
1715-1740 - The Adventures of Long John Silver.
1740-1770 - The Adventures of Baron Münchhausen & Natty "Hawkeye" Bumpo.
1776 - The United States of America decalers its independence from England.
1783 - The end of the American Revolutionary War.
1785 - Sweeny Todd goes on a murder spree, killing people in his barber shop, situated at 186 Fleet Street in London. [The String of Pearls]
1783 - The beginning of the French Revolution.
1792 - Formation of "The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel" [The Scarlet Pimpernel]
1796 - Ichabod Crane visits Sleepy Hollow.[The Legend of Sleepy Hollow]
1799 - The end of the French Revolution.
1806 - Zorro emerges to defend the oppressed in the pueblo of Los Angeles, California. [The Curse of Capistrano]
1810 - The Swiss Family Robinson is stranded on an island. [The Swiss Family Robinson]
1812 - The War of 1812: Britain invades the United States again.
------ British troops burn Washington D.C. as the The War of 1812 comes to a close.
1824 - Zorro battles Don Del Oro in Mexico. [Zorro's Fighting Legion]
1835 - Hans Pfall travels to the moon.
1836 - The adventures of Oliver Twist. [Oliver Twist]
1839 - Captain Ahab hunts down Moby Dick. [Moby Dick]
1840 - Ebenezer Scrooge Visited by ghosts on Christmas Eve. [A Christmas Carol]
1840-1845 - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
1844 - Inspired by Zorro, Don Loring becomes The Eagle in order to stop a Russian invasion of the Western United States.
1860 - Beginning of the American Civil War.
1860 - End of the American Civil War. Slavery in America comes to an end.
------ John Carter summoned to Barsoom. [A Princess of Mars]
1866-1868 - The Nautilus terrorizes the seven seas. [Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea]
1870 - 1,000 citizens defend the small English town of Dorking from German invasion. [The Battle of Dorking]
1874 - Sherlock Holmes takes his first case after his second year of college. [The Gloria Scott]
1880 - The First Boer War.
1881 - Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson move into 221B Baker Street. [A Study in Scarlet]
1885 - Dr. Jekyll creates a formula to isolate evil. [The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde]
1886 - Robur attempts to conquer the world with his flying fortress, The Albatross. [Robur the Conqueror]
------ Nick Carter attempts to find Mabel Livingston. His father Sim Carter is murdered as a result. [The Old Detective's Pupil; or, The Mysterious Crime of Madison Square]
------ The Man in the Black Cloak begin his crusade against crime. [The Man in the Black Cloak]
1889 - Barbara Meredith assumes the identity of The Black Whip after her brother is killed. 1891 - Sherlock Holmes apparently killed in confrontation with Prof. Moriarty at Reichenbach Falls. [The Final Problem]
1893 - Sexton Blake takes his first major case. [The Missing Millionaire]
1894 - Lt. Frederick Hamilton brought to Mars, meets Princess Suhlamia.
1897 - England fends off an invasion by France and Russia with the help of Germany. [The Great War in England in 1897]
------ Lord Dracula comes to England aboard the Demeter and is hunted down by Dr. Van Helsing's band and apparently slain. [Dracula]
------ Thomas Plummer transferred to Venus by Zumeena of the Sutenraa.
1898 - The Spanish-American War.
------ The Boxer Rebellion in China.
------ Martians invade the earth. [War of the Worlds] ------ Thomas Edison leads a retaliatory expedition to Mars. [Edison's Conquest of Mars]
1899 - Beginning of the Second Boer War in Africa.
1900 - Fantomas captured by Inspector Juve. He promptly escapes. [Fantomas]
Bedford tells Cavor 1901 - Bedford and Cavor build a ship out of cavorite and travel to the moon, encoutering the insectoid selenites. [The First Men in the Moon]
1902 - End of the Second Boer War in Africa.
------ The Gun Club of Baltimore builds the giant Columbiad Cannon in Florida to launch a projectile to the moon with explorers Michel Ardan, Impey Barbicane & Captain Nicholl. [From the Earth to the Moon] 1903 - The Wright brothers make the first sustained human flight.
------ Sherlock Holmes claims to retire. [His Last Bow]
1905 - 1905 Lieutenant Gullivar Jones brought to mars. He meets Princess Heru.
------ Leonid of Russia, brought to Mars and meets Netti. ------ Arsene Lupin is arrested for the first time. [The Arrest of Arsène Lupin]
1906 - The city of Kowa collapses under the city of San Fransisco. [Kowa the Mysterious by Charles Foley]
1906 - Doctor Omega visits mars.
------ Sherlock Holmes tracks the master criminal Fantomas in London. [Sherlock Holmes contre Fantomas] 1908 - Christine Daaé is kidnapped by a phantom who haunts the Paris Opera House. [The Phantom of the Opera]
------ Oliver Haddo performs terrible experiments in his home near Venning in England. [The Magician]
------ Dr. Silence takes his first case. [John Silence, Physician Extraordinary]
1909 - Sâr Dubnotal's first adventure. [The Haunted Manor of Creh'h-ar-Vran]
1910 - Germany invades England, Belgium and the Netherlands. [The Invasion of 1910]
------ Nick Carter captures Fantomas in the United States. Fantomas promptly escapes. [Nick Carter contre Fantomas]
------ Craig Kennedy takes his first case.
------ Thomas Carnaki begins hunting ghosts.
------ Sherlock Holmes tracks down Arsene Lupin. [Sherlock Holmes contre Arsene Lupin]
1911 - The Nyctalope begins his crusade against evil in France. Travels to Mars.
1912 - The unsinkable ship, The Titanic, sinks after hitting an iceberg.
------ Professor Challenger takes an expidition to the lost world of Mapple White Land. [The Lost World]
1913 - Dr. Fu Manchu's first confrontation with Denis Nayland Smith.
1914 - Beginning of World War I.
------ Judex begins his crusade against evil in France.
------ Tarzan meets Jane Porter.
1915 - Baron Munchhausen re-awakened.
------ The Laughing Mask battles the Iron Claw.
1916 - Germany invades the North East United States, capturing Boston and Philidelphia. They are driven back into the sea by Dick Prescott and his men. [The Invasion of the United States; or, Uncle Sam's Boys at the Capture of Boston]
1918 - End of World War I.
------ A captured U-Boat is marooned on the island of Caprona. The inhabitants build Fort Dinosaur. [The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs]
------ Jonathan Battle looses an eye, fighting with the AEF in July at the Battle of Château-Thierry in France. [Silver Streak Comics]
1919 - The beginning of Alcohol Prohibition in the United States.
------ Returning from the war, Bulldog Drummond takes his first case.
------ Returning from the war, John Flatchley becomes the Thunderbolt to battle corruption.
1920 - After going into exile, Dr. Sivana creates Magnificus.
1922 - Mstislav Los builds a rocket and sets off with Alexei Gusev to Mars. There, they meet Princess Aelita, daughter of King Toscoob.
1927 - Anthony Rogers is overcome by radioactive gases in an abandoned mine near Scranton, PA.
1929 - The Wall Street stock market crash of October leads into the Great Depression.
------ Bill Reed fights crime as the War Eagle.
1932 - Chandu the Magician leaves the monastery to battle evil around the world.
1933 - The end of Alcohol Prohibition in the United States.
------ The Spider, The Phantom Detective and The Moon Man begin their respective crusades against crime and corruption.
1934 - Nibs Halloway battles Dr. Death for the first time.
1936 - Unga Khan of Atlantis makes a bid for world conquest.
------ The Clock and Domino Lady begin their respective crusades against crime.
------ Dr. Mystic and Zathor set off to save "The Seven."
1937 - Sheena becomes queen of her tribe and meets Bob Reynolds.
1938 - An alien invasion force arrives on earth.
1939 - The Beginning of World War II.
------ John Aman, The Amazing Man (b. 1914) sent into the world by the Council of Seven.
------ The Blue Beetle (b. 1916) begins his crusade against crime.
------ Billy Batson gains the powers of Captain Marvel through the wizard Shazam. ------ Dr. Sivana returns from exile to threaten the world.
------ The Claw makes a pact with Adolf Hitler for world domination.
------ The Flame leaves the monastery to begins his crusade against evil.
------ Prince Namor (b. 1923) begins his war with the surface dwellers.
1940 - Lash Lightning recieves the Amulet of Annihilation from the Old Man in the Pyramid.
------ Daredevil begins his crusade against crime and tyranny.
------ The Green Lama leaves the monastery to begins his crusade against evil.
1941 - The United States enters World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
------ Blackhawk begins his air battle against tyranny.
------ The Black Terror invents formic ethers and begins his crusade against evil. Kid Terror joins him.
------ Bruce Carter III becomes the Fighting Yank.
------ Freddy Freeman is granted the powers of Captain Marvel from the Wizard Shazam.
------ Phantom Lady begins her crusade against evil.
1942 - Crimebuster begins his crusade against evil after his parents are killed by Iron Jaw.
------ Captain Freedom, Shock Gibson, Black Cat and the Girl Commandos repel a Japanese invasion of Los Angeles.
------ Mary Marvel is granted the powers of Captain Marvel from the Wizard Shazam.
------ Pyroman fights the Axis powers.
------ Captain Gary Hart is saved by the mysterious Kuhlaya. [The Jungle Siren]
1945 - World War II ends after nuclear bombs are dropped on Nagasaki. Hitler presumed dead.
1947 - U.F.O. crashes in Roswell, New Mexico and subsequent military cover up.
1950 - The United States goes to war with Korea.
------ Dr. John Darrow builds a rocket and attempts to fly to the moon. Saved by Dantro of the League of Planets. [The Planet Man] 1952 - Rocky King solves crimes. [Rocky King, Inside Detective]
1953 - The United States war with Korea winds down.
1956 - Exectued killer Butcher Benton becomes indestructible after being revived by a scientist. [The Indestructible Man]
------ The beginning of the first Venusian War between Earth and Venus. [Space Adventures #5] 1959 - A scientist on a remote island works to reduce the size of humans, but creates giant, venemous shrews instead. [The Killer Shrews]
------ A Giant Gila Monster attacks a small southwestern town. [The Giant Gila Monster]
------ On his uncharted islad, Dr. Myra plots to turn the citizens of the United States into zombies. [Teenage Zombies]
------ A small town is threatened by alien Gargons. [Teenagers from Outer Space]
------ Aliens instegate Plan 9 to bring the dead back to life as zombies. [Plan 9 From Outer Space]
------ Clutch Cargo travels to the moon. [Clutch Cargo]
------ Ernie Brenner joins the NYPD and partners with his father, Roy. [Brenner]
1960 - A large, strange plant eats people in a Los Angeles flower shop. [Little Shop of Horrors]
------ Dr. Eric Zinthrop accidentally turns Janice Starlin into the Wasp Woman. [The Wasp Woman]
1963 - The Cuban Missile Crisis.
------ Eegah, a giant cave man, encounters civilization. [Eegah]
------ Dr. Bill Cortner keeps the head of his fiance, Jan Compton, alive after her tragic death [The Brain That Wouldn't Die]
1963 - The United States sends combat troops into Vietnam.
------ John F. Kennedy assassinated.
1964 - Santa Clause kidnapped by Martians. [Santa Clause Conquers the Martians]
1966 - Dr. Simond Trent conducts bizarre experiments in his secluded labratory in the swamps of texas. [Curse of the Swamp Creature]
1968 - The recently dead are awakened on the East Coast of the United States and hunted down by the military and civilian posses. [Night of the Living Dead]
1969 - Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to walk on the moon.
------ The Woodstock anti-war protest.
1972 - A werewolf terrorizes Marsh Island, Louisiana. [Moon Of The Wolf]
1974 - Detective Christie Love takes on a drug ring. [Get Christie Love!]
------ Mark Callahan inherits his uncle's haunted ranch in the southwest. [Curse of the Headless Horseman]
1975 - The United States withdraws its combat troops from Vietnam.
1976 - Agent John Trevor goes on a rampage, after experiencing withdrawl from mind conditioning drugs. [Project: Kill]
------ Zebra Force decalers war on organized crime in Los Angeles. [Zebra Force]
1978 - A train conductor unleashes a deadly microorganism, that threatens all life on earth. [The Alpha Incident]
------ After surviving a hurricane, a group of people stranded on a pacific island for 15 years are finally rescued, but are soon lost at sea again. [Rescue from Gilligan's Island]
1981 - Four American thieves attempt to steal money from a Columbian drug lord, and create an internaitonal incident. [High Risk]
1983 - Dr. Hartmann creates a device capable of transporting matter to and from the parallel world of Vonya. [Prisoners Of The Lost Universe]
1989 - Agent Michael Gold is sent by the CIA to prevent Col. Kalishnakov from obtaining a Nuclear Weapon. [Laser Mission]
1992 - The Sahara is made into a lush tropical forest with lakes. [Earth Revisited]

2001 - The terrorist attacks of September 11.


2050 - New Yorkers live in an oppressive socialist state. [The Republic of the Furuture]
------ The world is divided into the Quadruple Alliance (United States, Great Britain, Europe, and Japan) and the Federated States (Central and South America). There are one-pill germicides, thought-reading psychographs, radium motors, and solar-powered airships. The Aleutian Islands were blown up to allow the "Japan Current" to flow into the north and charge the arctic climate. [W.W. Cook]
2070 - Solar system patrolled by Interplanetary Police. Wandl the Invader wanders into our solar system. [Brigands of the Moon, Wandl the Invader] 2088 - First trips to Saturn. [A Journey in Other Worlds]
2100 - The Fourth World War and First Interplanetary War. [A Planet for Texans] 2136 - The Terran Empire goes to war with the Centaurian Empire. [The Variable Man by Philip K. Dick]
2137 - Europe has descended into barbarism while an isolationist and politically united Western Hemisphere remains sheltered from the destruction. [Beyond 30 by Edgar Rice Burroughs] 2143 - John Hope wakes up in a society where telepathy is common. [The Great Romance]
2150 - Cheops the Mummy is re-awakened.
2153 - Rod Brown and the Rocket Rangers defend the Solar System. [Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers]
2200 - Most of the Earth is conquered by Europa under threat of nuclear annihilation.
2236 - The Terran Empire declares war against the Sirian Empire. Two moons of Jupiter are destroyed. [The Struggle for Empire: A Story of the Year 2236]
2248 - The Earth is devastated by nuclear war. [Fantastic Worlds #5]
2270 - The United States is invaded by the Airlords of Han after being weakened by its war with Bolshevik Europe. [Airlords of Han]
2351 - The Solar Guard patols the planets of the Solar Alliance. The Planets Tara and Roald are colonized. [Tom Corbett, Space Cadet]
2419 - Anthony Rogers wakes up from suspended animation. [Armageddon 2419 A.D]
2430 - The Great Tarrano of Venus comes close to conquering the solar system, but is exiled to an asteroid instead. [Tarrano the Conqueror]
2472 - England and Ireland are dominated by immortal seven foot tall Amazonians who live in a socialist and vegetarian society, where the weak are euthenized. [New Amazonia: A Foretaste of the Future]
2488 - Aliens from Aldebaran attempt to smash a planetoid into Earth.  The attack is fended off by "Space Patrol. [Fantastic Worlds #6]
2552 - The Space Rangers patrol the solar system. [Space Adventures #1]
2660 - Ralph 124C 41+ is one of ten great inventors, and creates the hypnobioscope, a device that allows one to learn while they sleep. [Ralph 124C 41+ by Hugo Gernsback]
2665 - Marvo 1-2G0 is born. Goverment issues serial numbers instead of "confusing" surnames. [Superworld Comics #2]
2792 - Oswald Nier unlocks new technologies with his discoveries in physics. [In the Year 2889]
2889 - The Earth Chronicle is a popular periodical, based out of a marble and gold building on 253rd Ave. Streets are 300 feet wide, houses are 1000 feet tall and the climate is always perfect. Citizens travel in penumatic tubes at 1000 miles per hour. It would seem that the planet is also massively populated, and there are civilizations on Mars, Venus and Mercury. [In the Year 2889]
2894 - Females take a more dominant role over males. [2894]
2950 - United Planets Space Patrol keeps intergalactic peace. [Space Patrol]
3061 - The Galaxy Bureau of Investigation protects the terraformed worlds of the Galaxy Council. The Galaxy Council's headquarters is on Mars, and it is constantly threatened with invasion. Washington DC, New York and the United States are no longer known by those names. [Flash Gordon, 1954 TV Series]
3250 - The armies of Earth decide to disarm themselves, after devestating wars. The Voltans decimate the human populaiton of earth and conquer the solar system. [Planet Comics]
3350 - The palentoid Xlarbti enters our Solar System and pulls Neptune out of it. [Raiders of the Universes by Donald Wandrei] 3907 - Professor Voraus wakes up in a future in which the last remenants of humanity live in Iceland and Greenland, while the rest of the world is populated with identical androids witha solar-power based society. [In the Realm of the Homunculids]
3951 - Galaxy is ruled by the "United Galaxy Counsel." [Black Terror #22]
7603 - Male and female gender roles have switched and only women are allowed to fight in the military. [Anno 7603]
9583 - Thiusen visits the puritan society of the future. [The Diothas]


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