Free Universe Characters



Here you will find anthropomorphic cartoon animals suitable for more light hearted and humorous adventures.  These characters are believed to be in the public domain and although some were popular many decades ago, most see very little use these days.



Atomic Mouse gained super strength and the ability to fly by ingesting the radioactive U-235 pills created by Professor Invento. He protected the citizens of Mouseville from his treacherous arch enemy, Count Gatto.
First Appearance: Atomic Mouse #1 (Charlton, 1953)
Creator: Al Fago


Cosmo Cat worked as a technician at a nuclear power plant, but when he accidentally set off a bomb, he gained superpowers. He now has flight, super strength, and limited invulnerability. Cosmo maintains his powers by ingesting Cosmic Catnip Capsules. Cosmo Cat resides in his moon lab spotting evils on Earth using his tele-finder and then heads to Earth in his cat-rocket. He is a good fighter, but he is not a particularly bright hero, nor a particularly skilled pilot. He is sometimes assisted by a sidekick named Dunky Duck.
First Appearance: All Top Comics #1 (Fox, 1945)
Creators: L.B. Cole and Ellis Holly Chambers


Flash Bunny gains super strength and the ability to leap great distances by eating the magical carrots in his garden. He protects all life, and has a code against killing.
First Appearance: All Top Comics (Fox)


Flip the Frog could sing, dance and play the piano. He had the hots for a female cat.  

Note:  Flip was originally the size of a normal frog (not much bigger than a mouse), but later became more humanoid and about the size of a small child.
First Appearance: Fiddlesticks (1930)
Creator: Ub Iwerks


Ignatz Mouse is a character who is frequently annoyed by Krazy Kat's naive comments and peculiar observations. He enjoys throwing bricks at Krazy Kat's head, and always seems to have one handy. Krazy Kat takes these attacks as a sign of affection.
First Appearance: Krazy Kat (1913)
Creator: George Herriman


Krazy Kat is a gentle, friendly and curious cat who often fraternizes with mice. He uses a lot of slang, but expresses profound and sincere interest in the world around him.
First Appearance: Krazy Kat (1913)
Creator: George Herriman


Supermouse was granted super strength by eating "Super Cheese," made from the milk of a super cow. He was at least strong enough to swing an elephant around by its tail. He sometimes flew around in a sentient one-seat aircraft called "Cheesie." He was married to a mouse named Mable and had a nephew named Roscoe. His friends referred to him as "Soupie." His arch-enemy was a cat named Terrible Tom.
First Appearance: Coo Coo Comics #1 (Nedor, October, 1942)
Creator: Kin Platt


Super Pup is a deputized crime fighter who has law enforcement contacts in Washington D.C.  He can fly at incredible supersonic speeds, and has super strength and invulnerability.  He can survive lethal doses of radiation, tons of crushing pressure and the cold vacuum of space.  His eyes, nose and ears are super sensitive.  His powerful vocal chords give him a deafening "Super Bark" and allow him to be heard when he shouts, even in a very thin atmosphere.
First Appearance: Super Pup #4 (Avon)


Fuzzy Force is a band of fuzzy superheroes who fight for freedom and justice.  Super Pup is the team's leader and physical powerhouse.  Flash Rabbit is the team's medic and caretaker.  He cooks, cleans and takes personal interest in the physical and emotional well being of his teammates.  Cosmo Cat is the team's pilot and mechanic.  Though he is awful at both jobs, he somehow manages to pull through.  Cosmo considers himself second in command of the team, but if forced to make a real decision, he would defer to the wise counsel of Flash Rabbit.  Supermouse is the team's loose cannon.  He is willing to fight the battles that none of the others would, and he is quick to rally the team against any challenge.


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